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Protect your infrastructure with OVH

Anti-DDoS protection in 6 key points

As you have chosen an OVH server, mitigation comes as standard. OVH offers you some advice so you can fully benefit from maximum security.

Find 6 things we advise below to better protect your infrastructure and most of the OVH reinforced protection systems.

Your situation Our advice
OVH Network Firewall settings Ensure that only authorized and necessary ports are enabled on your server; don't miss any port or service so that disconnection due to incorrect settings is avoided. Use the Firewall Network interface on your OVH Control Panel or API.
Configuration of your server settings Adjust your server's IP settings by customizing the TCP, UDP values in/proc of your Linux.
Public and private network If your infrastructure consists of several servers, use the vRack for all services between your servers.
Test the permanent mitigation You can activate mitigation on your server and thus verify that it's working correctly under the VAC. That way, you won't get any nasty surprises on the day you get attacked.
In the event of an attack Follow the situation via the Control Panel to confirm when it has been restored. By default, the mitigation will stop 26 hrs after the start of the attack.
Prepare a business contingency plan If possible, use our 3 datacentres to duplicate your infrastructure geographically and devise a service continuity plan in advance.