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Anti-DDoS or AntiDDoS Set of computing techniques aimed at protecting online services from DDoS attacks
DDoS Distributed DoS: The principle is the same as DoS, but with multiple points of attack
DoS Denial of service attack
Mitigation The act of identifying, selecting the appropriate filtration and isolation, and neutralising the effects of a cyber attack.
SLA Service Level Agreement: the obligations of the supplier in terms of quality and availability of services. In the case of anti-DDoS protection, it involves guarantees in terms of protection against these attacks (availability of the ports and network of the machine). To be complimented by the SLA of the server (the machine itself).
Synflood or SYN Flood A cyber attack carried out on the basis of SYN requests
VAC Short for vacuum: a technology that has been fine-tuned by OVH to protect against DDoS attacks (anti-DDoS system)