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Technical FAQ and options

How much will mitigation cost me?

The Anti-DDoS protection is included and free with all servers, no matter the duration of your contract.

Is mitigation obligatory?

Mitigation is applied to all OVH infrastructures and servers because the only way of protecting our customers is by protecting all of them. This is why all of our servers must be protected.

Will I be protected if I don't adjust any settings?

If a specific policy has not been selected via the API or the Control Panel, OVH will apply the standard mitigation rules for your server. It is done in an automatic and escalating manner (increasingly restrictive until isolation of the results).

Will my server be shut down during mitigation?

All policies have been set up to protect the attacked ports by leaving other ports open. This preserves the SLA of servers on the other ports.

Can I adjust the settings with the professional use option?

The professional use option allows you to proactively choose which policies will be applied in the event of an active attack (at any time). If the policy selected by the customer is not sufficient, an OVH policy will take over until the attack is stabilised: this allows the customer to decide which is the best solution before OVH decides for them.

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