What's new with OVH in April? (1/2)

Want to get all the latest on the new OVH products? This recap is for you.

A new 100G under the Atlantic 

On March 17, we announced that OVH had just installed a new 100G link under the Atlantic Ocean. This link allows us to drastically reduce latency between Europe and the Americas while increasing our network capacity. The OVH Network team has just installed another 100G link between Whitesands Bay, UK, and Brookhaven (NY) in the US. Four additional 100G links will be setup in the coming weeks. Read the article

Capacity increase on our network
Our teams have augmented the capacity of our PoP in Amsterdam, which is now at 100G, and they have doubled the capacity of our exchange PoP with Google. So in order to support the increase in incoming traffic from Google, we're increasing our capacity from 2x10G to 4x10G on our GSW et TH2 PoPs. Our exchange point with Linx Extreme (UK) went from 1x100G to 2x100G and we've also created our first PNI (Private Network Interconnect) with Canadian operator Telus on the Montreal PoP. Inaugurated a month ago, our exchange point with CoreBackbone in Germany has already been highly solicited and we've brought it up to 4x10G. Similarly, the existing 2x10G on our PNI with Bouygues is no longer sufficient so we've upgraded our installation to 100G. We're expecting more capacity increases on our network in the coming days. 

EG Public Cloud instances are switching over to a new HG range HG
When it comes to everyday usage, many of you have been requesting instances that are financially more attractive. As a result, we've created the current EG instances to fulfill the need for high performance, high frequency computing. They operate on an Intel E5-2687Wv3 - 3.1 GHz CPU. Starting Wednesday April 13, we will be changing the name of those instances from "Public Cloud EG" to "Public Cloud HG" (high end). All the technical features of those instances will remain unchanged, whether in terms of performance or price. Read the article, Start your Public Cloud instances

What's new with Dedicated Cloud?
The ISO and template database available for datastores has been updated. For Linux, the CentOS 7, Debian 8, OpenSuse Leap 42.1, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / 15.10 and Fedora distributions are now online. Moreover, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and Microsoft SQL Standard Edition are also available as of now. Login to your control panel

Exclusive offer on VPS SSD
Until April 28, get 30% off when you order your next VPS SSD for a minimum of 6 months. The most cost-effective solution if you're getting started with server management. Check out the offer.

Game Anti-DDoS
The Game anti-DDoS is now available for the adventure survival video game Rust. The Game Anti-DDoS is designed to prevent denial of service attacks. For every type of attacked that’s been identified, we've built a specific response that we integrated directly into our Tilera equipment. Traffic is analyzed by an incoming and outgoing filter in order to better identify legitimate requests.

Responsive Web Design: getting off to a good start
With the explosion of mobile terminals, Responsive Web Design is what everyone is talking about. Combine defining elements with best practices to create an adaptive website. Read the article.

OVH, official sponsor of Web à Québec (WAQ) 2016
From April 6-8, Quebec City welcomed more than 1,300 people for the largest francophone web meeting in North America. OVH opened an R&D office specializing in user experience (UX) a year ago in Quebec City and chose to be co-presenter at the event as another great way to extend its influence throughout the IT in the capital's region.