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The main characteristic that distinguishes is its complete control over the webhosting production chain. This involves everything from server design and assembly to the construction and maintenance of its own datacentres. has also deployed a worldwide optical fibre network with a 2 Tbps bandwidth.

As a result, we offer Cloud solutions that you can deploy and adjust on demand in a matter of minutes and with 99.99% availability.

Case study:

Olivier Simonis, co-founder of Qualifio:
«Managing all of our infrastructure remotely is just amazing»

Olivier Simonis, co-founder of Qualifio
  • Created: 2010
  • Founders: Serge Rappaille and Olivier Simonis
  • Turnover: €1 million
  • Employees: 10
  • Headquarters: Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
  • Offices: Paris (France) and London (United Kingdom)
  • Web site:

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Can you talk about your business in a few words?

Qualifio is a software solutions provider, specializing particularly in quizzes, contests, surveys, polls and personality tests online. Our services can be integrated into a website, a Facebook page or even an application for smartphones. They allow our customers to keep their user community going, to collect data, and to qualify their databases.

Who are your customers?

Mainly well-known media companies. In France, for example, we work with RTL, France Télévisions, «Le Monde» and «Le Parisien». In Belgium, «Le Soir» newspaper also uses our services.

Why did you choose the Private Cloud?

When we created Qualifio, we had our own servers. But the company began to grow and we quickly found the limits of a physical infrastructure. We needed a much more flexible solution allowing us to add a host without having to buy, install and configure a server. So we switched to Private Cloud. Since then we can quickly adapt our infrastructure to our needs.

In addition to this flexibility, what attracted you to the Private Cloud?

The fact that uses VMware technology, which was known and mastered by our system administrators. The servers are located in France, which allow us to stay close to our European customers. The price also, following a comparative study, proved to be the most attractive provider. Most importantly, the reliability of the Private Cloud infrastructure, which includes 99.99999% SLA. Actually it is vital for our company to be available at all times. When our customers are launching campaigns and rely on our services, our infrastructure must not become inaccessible.

After your migration to Private Cloud, have you noticed any other advantages?

Now when we make hardware adjustments, we no longer need to physically go to the data centre. This ability to manage our entire infrastructure remotely is just incredible and allows us to be more responsive. In addition, we can offer reliable and tailored services to our clients. Even when France Télévisions and «Le Monde» simultaneously launch a contest and send a million people to our databases, we can always guarantee optimum performance.

vmWare vCloud Datacentre joined the exclusive club of certified vCloud Datacenter Service Provider

The vCloud Datacenter certification issued by VMware guarantees OVH’s customers that the architecture and the technology underpinning our Private Cloud solution are in full conformity with the standards imposed by the leader in virtualization. "This certification is a recognition of our expertise in Vmware’s technologies and enables us to promote the services of", rejoices Miroslaw Klaba, R & D director at OVH. not only meets the criteria required by Vmware’s vCloud Datacenter, but goes further to provide an external cloud that meets the needs of businesses.

Based on its own fiber optic network with a capacity of 2 Tbps and 33 points of peering, Private Cloud customers know they can rely on this backbone, which has the ability to adapt to activity peak as soon as the need arises.

The composing elements of the Private Cloud infrastructure of each user are interconnected within a private VLAN, they are completely isolated from the outside and are not shared. The customer is assured of full performance of its Private Cloud.

And of course all the necessary resources to the development of a private cloud infrastructure are delivered on demand: storage, hosts, network, IP addresses, licenses are available within 5 minutes.

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