VPS Additional Disks

Your highly available, on-demand additional storage.

OVH Openstack Cloud Attach to an instance in a few clicks Triple data replication 100% resilient

50 GB


100 GB


200 GB


500 GB


Included with your storage

Your data
  • I/O guaranteed (200 IOPS guaranteed)
  • Triple replication
  • Only one additional disk available per VPS

Security & network
  • 100% file durability

  • 100 Mbps

Management and support

Ceph : high availability, the OVH way

Securing your data is paramount and this is why we use a data storage and redundancy technology called Ceph.

Thanks to a semi-random algorithm used for the distribution of storage blocks inside one or several clusters of physical hard drives, data is never stored within a single critical point thus ensuring the sustainability of the storage solution even if several storage units may require some hardware maintenance. Access to your data is thereby guaranteed and so is its integrity.

Pay-per-use storage

While your projects are increasing in size, it is not uncommon for the data stored on your servers to start feeling a little tight. Until now, the only alternative was to upgrade to a superior model only to get more disk space, which is rather unprofitable in actuality.

In order to compensate for those limitations, additional disks are offered for VPSs as a pay-per-use solution and are available in 4 versions ranging from 50 to 500 GB, depending on your needs.

Highly secure thanks to a triple data redundancy within our infrastructures, additional disks can be activated on demand and will allow for progressive scalability.