vCloud® Air™ is now part of OVH

Customers benefit from higher network performance and increased workload mobility through OVH’s global network

The best of VMware software with the best of OVH global IaaS

  • We deliver high-performing and secure hybrid cloud solutions through combination of our cloud expertise and our newly acquired vCloud Air technology
  • We have proven solutions for Disaster Recovery, Data Center Extension, and Data Center Replacement
  • We provide the scalability and flexibility businesses require through our 27 water-cooled data centers, fast and automated provisioning, 32 points of presence, and 11+ Tbps network
  • We are trusted by over 1 million customers, including Fortune 500 companies and top educational institutions

vCloud Air powered by OVH Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Protect: Safeguard and maximize your on-premises investment by keeping your IT operations up and running in the event of a disaster.

Data Center Extension

Extend: Seamlessly extend your data center infrastructure by adding compute, storage and networking resources from the public cloud.

Data Center Replacement

Optimize: “Lift and shift” data center infrastructure from on-premises quickly and efficiently to implement a secure public cloud architecture.

vCloud Air powered by OVH Products

Virtual Private Cloud

Multi-tenant compute service that offers a private cloud for your business needs with enterprise-grade functionality and the utmost security.

Dedicated Cloud

Get your own private cloud. Dedicated Cloud service provides you with your own compute nodes with high performance and high-availability together with a full suite of networking capabilities.

Disaster Recovery

Deploy and manage cloud-based disaster recovery all in one place. The availability service offered on vCloud Air ensures your data is protected, recoverable, and accessible by you and your customers.

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