Private Cloud Portability Suite

Migrate your platform in our Datacenters without any service disruption!

OVH confirms its strategy around Cloud Hybridity

OVH Announces Intent to Acquire VMware vCloud Air Business

Is your capital cost allowance plan coming to an end and do you now wish to outsource your infrastructure and make it more agile? Want to take advantage of our innovative Cloud solutions along with a competitive OPEX model?

Migrate your infrastructures in our data centers and take advantage of OVH expertise in platform hosting solutions.

Our in-house experts will support you throughout your entire project and infrastructure lifecycle.

OVH: Private Cloud global leader

OVH is the #1 global player for a number of innovations:

  • 2010: Launch of our unique Dedicated Cloud solution, offering vSphere as a service on a 100% dedicated Cloud infrastructure. Customers can add or remove physical resources in minutes!
  • 2013: 1st Cloud provider to include anti-DDoS protection
  • 2014: PCI DSS Certification for the entire infrastructure
  • 2015: VMware - Showcase Partner
  • 2015: Awarded “VMware Global Partner of the year”
  • 2016: 1st Cloud Provider to deliver the entire Software Defined Data Center stacks (SDDC) in 30 minutes on a 100% dedicated Cloud infrastructure
  • 2016: HDS accreditation for the entire infrastructure

2017: 1st Cloud provider to offer full live migration of a data center with Private Cloud Portability Suite.

Live migration solution for your entire data center

  • Live Migration
  • Isolated VMware environment
  • Network configuration and IP addressing are safeguarded
  • Secure data transfer
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Select your OVH data center

Depending on hardware inter-operability.

Private Cloud Portability Suite guarantees VM service continuity between sites during migration, delivering a significant reduction of your TCO.

New possibilities for your infrastructure

SDDC Private Cloud

The Private Cloud service offer is fully compatible with all VMware technologies. The SDDC series is comprised of vSphere and NSX and delivered on a fully managed infrastructure. Add or remove physical resources in 5 minutes.

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Data center and OVH global network

Benefit from our global presence and our network infrastructure having a capacity of 10 Tbps. With 32 PoPs throughout the world, accelerate performance and extend your global perimeter.

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Anti-DDoS protection

All of our hosting solutions benefit from anti-DDoS protection. OVH is committed to protecting your projects 24/7/365 from all types of DDoS attacks without limit and worldwide.

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vRack – Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud gives you access to the vRack, making it possible to build your private network over a single or several data centres. You can also benefit from the vRack Connect solution to build your Hybrid Cloud between your data centre and other OVH data centres.

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Interconnection with other OVH services

Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud, VPS, leverage OVH services and take advantage of the vRack to link them together inside your own private networks (VLAN).

Compatible with all VMware environments

Are you using vCloud Director? vSphere? NSX? When migrating to Private Cloud, you'll find the exact same VMware interfaces and technologies you're currently using. You'll capitalize on your VMware skills and take advantage of our unique Private Cloud product with its robust, fully dedicated infrastructure managed by OVH. You'll be able to enjoy all the flexibility of the Cloud and VMware environments.
You finally have control over your entire data center!

Network configurations are preserved

Use the Private Cloud Portability Suite combined with our network equipment for a live migration of your data and, most of all, to preserve the configuration of your private networks. If your current infrastructure is made of one or several VLANs, all your configurations will be preserved on your new infrastructure during and after migration, including your private addressing plans with 4,000 preconfigured VLANs.

Advice, monitoring and support

Depending on your infrastructure, constraints and projects, we can provide a customized implementation tailored to your specifications. Our architects are at your disposal to study your project and propose a suitable solution.

International Private Cloud Certifications

Private Cloud infrastructures have been granted several international certifications: ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2 type II, CSA Star, PCI DSS (payment card industry data), HDS and HIPAA for hosting healthcare data.