ACE Load Balancer

Server traffic load balancer


Cisco ACE load balancing Service distributes incoming traffic to multiple servers or virtual machines inside your Virtual Rack.

It is a complete hardware solution that ensures the accessibility and facilitates the scalability of your websites or applications.

Cisco ACE Load-balancing detects faulty servers or VMs and automatically excludes them from your "pool", redirecting traffic towards healthy servers or VMs.

Finally, thanks to the "sticky group" system, the ACE load balancer can link a user to a specific server/VM, greatly simplifying session sharing across multiple servers/VMs.

To view the full specifications of the Cisco ACE, click here.


You get total isolation of your network and your resources are guaranteed within your own "context".

The hardware is administered by OVH and you configure your load balancer according to your specific requirements directly through SSH.

You can:

  • Load balance traffic in HTTP, FTP, DNS, SIP, RTSP, POP/IMAP, etc.,
  • Load balance SSL traffic,
  • Define a "weight" for each of your servers or VM,
  • Configure monitoring sensors,
  • Manage NAT/DNAT for your Virtual rack,
  • View statements and performance with SNMP.

In addition, you get all the "expert" features of the ACE; Access Control List (ACL), protection against DOS attacks, etc.

How it works:

You have a redundant and highly configurable load balancer: your settings are automatically replicated between the two ACE cards.


With Cisco ACE load balancer, OVH offers you the best load balancing equipment with high availability for your sites or applications.

You subscribe to the offer that best fits your requirements(from 30 Mbps bandwidth), at the best price.

Depending on your usage, you can change the resources allocated to you at any time. You are guaranteed that your sites or applications are always accessible, and in the best conditions.

Technical specifications:

Choose your bandwidth requirements and the Cisco ACE Load Balancer will adapt to your needs.


30 Mbps

Setup fee $99.00
Price per month $99.00
Simultaneous connections (Layer 4) 29500
New connections 1300 p/s
Simultaneous connections (SSL) 700
New connections (SSL) 20 p/s
Proxy Connections (Layer 7) 2100
Proxy Connections (SSL) 700
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Connections Management 370
Inspection 20 connections p/s
Xlates 2100
ARP entries 120
MAC miss 8 packets p/s
Sticky entries 15000
Buffer Syslog 15000
Syslog (control plane) 16 messages p/s
Syslog (data plane) 350 messages p/s
Regexp memory 3.5 KB

To order the Cisco ACE load balancer, go to your Manager, in the infrastructure section of your Virtual Rack.