Total switchover or gradual migration: 3 scenarios for moving to Dedicated Cloud

Scenario 1: You have virtual machines, instances or virtual private servers in a public cloud

Dedicated Cloud allows you to regroup them in your 100% dedicated control panel. You can organize them, optimize costs, increase the SLA, and define the best strategies for disaster recovery and business continuity. It is the ideal solution to stabilize a project over time and support its growth. With access to the virtualization layer (VaaS), you will have more freedom to define advanced strategies. You will no longer be just the root; you will also be the manager of your dedicated virtual infrastructure.

Do you have VMs in a public cloud? Calculate your Dedicated Cloud costs here.

Scenario 2: You have a virtualized infrastructure on dedicated servers

Reduce the time spent on scaling, migrating and deploying your Dedicated Cloud. Focus on your virtual infrastructure while OVH takes care of automated deployment and updating your virtualization servers and solutions. You no longer need to devise complex plans to guarantee hardware availability as servers are automatically hot-swapped. Import your old VMs into Dedicated Cloud to gain more time to optimize your strategies.

You can continue with a mixture of dedicated servers and Dedicated Cloud (hybrid architecture) connected by a private network (vRack).

Scenario 3: You have a physical infrastructure on dedicated servers

You can migrate your business using the tools developed by the software publishers. If you have chosen a Dedicated Cloud powered by VMware, you can use this tool free of charge: VMware Converter. If your Dedicated Cloud is powered by Microsoft, you can use Virtual Machine Converter. Dedicated Cloud liberates you from managing your dedicated servers and allows you to consolidate your architecture and resource usage.

You can retain a mixture of dedicated servers and Dedicated Cloud (hybrid architecture) connected by OVH private network (vRack).

Case 4 You already have an internal (Private Cloud) on your servers

You can transfer all or part of your business (data, servers) to your OVH Dedicated Cloud without needing to change your technology or architecture. You can find the latest versions of the same solutions and licenses (VMware, VSphere) you use internally.

Reduce the time spent on maintaining, updating and upgrading your cloud. It only takes 5 minutes rather than half a day to add a server to your virtual infrastructure.

Your internal costs will go from CAPEX to OPEX: you no longer need to pay for licenses or network hardware. You will be able to rent and resize them in real time.

You can develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans across your data center and one or several OVH data centers.

You can build a Hybrid Cloud using standard technologies, which guarantees simplified portability and reversibility!