Object Storage

The most user-friendly, scalable and reliable storage system on the market

OVH Openstack Cloud From a few KBs...
to a few PBs
Triple data replication 100% resilient
Object Storage
  • Triple replication
  • Free incoming traffic
    Outgoing traffic: $0.011/GB
$0.0112/month/GB of storage

Storage made easy

Storage made easy

Storage architectures are often made complicated by combining several file systems, several technologies and several generations of hardware.

Object Storage makes data storage easy. Via the API or Control Panel, you can upload or delete all file types or objects, in one or several containers.

You and your customers can directly access your objects via simple http(s) requests through a public or secure URL, whatever their number and size.

Included with your storage

Your data

  • Unlimited number of containers
  • All file types
  • Up to several petabytes of storage
  • 3 container types (Public, Private and Static)

Security & network

  • 99.999% network SLA
  • 100% file durability
  • Anti-DDoS

Management and support

  • OVH & OpenStack API
  • OVH Control Panel
  • Advanced rights management
  • Support via a ticket system and telephone support

OpenStack gives you the ability to easily migrate between providers and guarantees automatic deployments

OVH, a member of the OpenStack Foundation, gives you access not only to its own API and Control Panel, but also Swift - the standard OpenStack API - and Horizon - the OpenStack management interface.

This means that you can migrate to and from a third-party provider's platform at any time, making it easier to manage your files.

Use case

Public Containers

Multimedia, binary and e-commerce files.
Store an infinite amount of data.

Private Content

Billing, legal information and logs.
Simple archiving based on your needs.

Static content

Quick access and high performance.
Link your domains and transfer your files.