The company: OVH US

OVH US is a leading, global, hyper-scale provider that has vertical integration to provide maximum performance and value for customers. With products that focus on dedicated servers, private and public cloud, OVH US is expanding to bring world class solutions that deliver the best power, portability and price to customers of all sizes.

OVH owes its success to an original development model based on innovation and complete control of the hosting chain; the company builds its own servers, maintains its own infrastructures and provides support to its customers.

Global Innovation

OVH US is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global leader OVH Group. Founded in 1999, OVH Group is an established partner for millions of professionals worldwide and owes its success to a deep focus on innovation and also maintaining full control over the supply chain from server manufacturing to in-house maintenance of its infrastructure including customer support. This best-in-class approach will now be offered by OVH US.

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