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A fail-safe network

A network capable of absorbing all attacks

With a capacity of 3 Tbps surplus maintained in relation to our current customer usage, the OVH network is able to withstand, vacuum and mitigate a very large quantity of attacks. During mitigation, which is spread across 3 datacentres (Beauharnois, Roubaix, Strasbourg), attack vacuuming is multiplied. The SLA of all our customers is thus balanced and secured, and the service suffers no disruption.

Our points of presence and their network capacity


Point of presence Bandwidth
Paris 470 Gbps
Bordeaux 20 Gbps
Lyon 30 Gbps
London 260 Gbps
Amsterdam 220 Gbps
Brussels 40 Gbps
Frankfurt 350 Gbps
Prague 10 Gbps
Warsaw 140 Gbps
Vienna 12 Gbps
Zurich 12 Gbps
Milan 50 Gbps
Madrid 80 Gbps


Point of presence Bandwidth
Montreal 20 Gbps
Toronto 30 Gbps
Newark 30 Gbps
New York City 50 Gbps
Ashburn 40 Gbps
Chicago 80 Gbps
Atlanta 20 Gbps
Miami 70 Gbps
Dallas 50 Gbps
Los Angeles 40 Gbps
San Jose 60 Gbps
Palo Alto 80 Gbps
Seattle 10 Gbps

Direct Transit and Peering


RBX 280 Gbps
SBG 120 Gbps
GRA 80 Gbps


BHS 120 Gbps