What is SoAPI ?

SoAPI is a webservice that lets you buy and configure OVH products without needing to connect to Manager web interface. With the WSDL technology, you use OVH methods remotely in scripts of few lines only, with your favorite programming language.

Examples of software made with SoAPI ?

  • MoM, the OVH Manager software for Window, Max and Linux;
  • MoMi, the OVH Manager for iPhone;

What are the advantages of SoAPI ?
  • Quick developement of scripts with WSDL technology and the code generator;
  • Do several operations at once;
  • Automating and planing tasks;
  • Create your own management interface.

Which languages is SoAPI compatible with ?

Our webservice has been tested with these languages/packages :

How to upgrade to the last WSDL version ?

WSDL versionning introduced to keep backward compatibility with your existing code (in particular for programming languages nuSOAP and Ruby). Please read carefully the changelog and update your code and test it before upgrading your WSDL version.

If you do not care about versionning, you can use theses links that always point out to the latest soapi version : latest WSDL RPC/Encoded and latest WSDL Document/Literal wrapped.

Which methods are available ?

SoAPI actually handle 663 methods, separated in 21 groups :