Install Joomla! on your website

Launch your website with Joomla! in just a few minutes, and you won't need to worry about installation or technical information.

With more than 60 million downloads, Joomla! has become the pioneer in open-source content management systems and is one of the most popular options on the market. With settings that are easy to configure, Joomla! is designed for people who want to create and manage websites without needing any technical skills.

Based on PHP language, and requiring a database, Joomla! includes tools that help you to create articles, banners, contact forms or RSS feeds on your website.

Order your Joomla! web hosting plan

The Joomla! module is pre-installed on all of our web hosting plans. To make the most of everything Joomla! has to offer, we would recommend that you sign up to the Professional web hosting plan

The advantages of the Joomla! CMS

Easy to use

This solution is designed to make website creation and management as simple as possible. For example, RTE, the Joomla! text editor, has a similar layout to Microsoft Word.

Shared library

Equipped with a library of more than 5000 plugins, Joomla! will give you everything you need for now and for the future.


With Joomla!, you can assign admin rights and define private spaces, so that each user can access the CMS and integrate content.


The Joomla! community is very extensive, and provides help and contributions at all CMS levels (help, documentation, support, themes...)

Options with your web hosting plan

OVH will host your Joomla! website on an optimised platform. Since it's ready to use, you won't need to worry about installations or technical updates to create your professional Joomla! website.


Load your pages up to 7 times faster, with the FPM feature (FastCGI Process Manager) activated by default, and the very latest PHP versions.


For more security and performance, choose DV, OV or EV SSL certificates.


With our exclusive anti-DDoS solution, OVH will ensure that your web hosting plan remains accessible permanently, even in the event of an attack!

Private SQL or shared

Create as many databases as you like, combining scalability, performance and freedom in terms of configuration. Only available with this solution: Performance.

Backup and restoration

To protect your website from the unexpected, every web hosting plan contains a backup option.

Multi-domain management

The multi-sites option allows you to host several websites on the same web hosting plan.

Installing the Joomla! module with OVH


Choose your web hosting plan depending on the size of your website, and the traffic you expect to receive


Reserve your domain name and its extension, such as:


You won't need to configure anything, the Joomla! folder is in your website's root directory. And that's it - you're ready to start building!