Load Balancing IP

Multi-service and inter-datacentre
load balancer

Available in and datacenters. Soon in Sydney and Singapore .

High availability

Service availability checks

The Load Balancing IP will not direct traffic to an unavailable component - it will wait until the OVH environment has declared it to be available again. You will therefore no longer lose any of your customers' requests or put your critical activity at risk. This feature is based on probe tests that can be configured and deactivated (HTTP, OCO, etc.).

Distribution priority

You can spread your traffic according to your rules by defining the weight for every one of your distributed services, in every datacentre. This configuration (API: SetWeight) is especially useful when you have a distributed server park and the capacity of your services (VPS, VM, dedicated servers) is unequal. It lets you distribute the traffic more frequently to higher capacity servers.

A configurable monitoring system

As well as ping monitoring, you also have the option to configure OcO probes. These enable the administrator to define their own monitoring process and get a better view of the state of every component in their infrastructure. Availability criteria can therefore be defined.

Automatic migration to a rescue service

The Load Balancing IP lets you set up a highly available infrastructure based on the master/slave model.
This feature (API: BackupState) will automatically migrate your traffic to the slave if the master is found to be faulty.