launches its 9th datacentre, its first in North-America

Montréal,May 28th, 2012 launches its 9th datacentre, its first in North-America

Europe’s leading webhosting company* is ready to receive its first orders from European customers who need a dedicated server in North-America. In less than six months, what used to be an industrial site in Beauharnois (Quebec), has become an operational datacentre. Now, is able to offer first range hosting services to all its users who wish to develop their activities in North-America. Starting at the end of May, up until the 1st August, 10,000 machines will be made available to users for free, a first in webhosting.

To succeed on the Internet market, has adopted a simple formula from the very start: think outside the box. Thus, the webhosting company builds its own datacentres and cools them without using air conditioning, designs and assembles its own servers, manages its own European network and provides support with its own internal teams.

To build its 9th datacentre, its first on the American continent, relied on the model that has made its success in Europe for more than a decade. As a result of this unique configuration, the host will be able to offer its dedicated servers at the same price as in Europe i.e.: 4 times cheaper than its American competitors.
For this, the new datacentre is entirely powered by green energy coming from a hydro dam located less than 300 meters away from the building. plans to eventually consume 40 MVA, with a PUE under 1.1.

However, the differences don’t stop there. Located in Quebec, less than 80 kilometres from the United States border, this datacentre is close to all the major cities of the American Eastern seaboard, while remaining compatible with the confidentiality requirements of its European customers.

Unlike its competitors, has also invested in and deployed a network that covers Canada and the United States. Based on the new coherent 100G technology, this equipment makes it possible to manage a high capacity (10 Tbps) fully redundant network. This means the host ensures 100% network availability and low latencies.

Also being poles apart from its competition, who occupy a number of different buildings, chose to build a datacentre along the East coast on an unprecedented scale. In the end, this datacentre will have a total capacity of 360,000 physical servers. This method, requires a significant initial investment, but allows for future industrialisation that in time will achieve great economies of scale.

Finally, doesn’t buy its servers pre-made, but builds them in their own production chains located directly in the datacentre. As a result, each day, up to 400 servers can be assembled per the customer’s specifications and delivered within 1 hour.

In a nutshell, is about to make a difference on the American market thanks to its business model: lowering operational costs while investing heavily in innovation. It's a long term strategy that offers a different standpoint from the usual quest of immediate profits that are preferred by the industry today.

* *Source: Netcraft, April 2012

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