With its new Cloud storage offers, hubiC aims to reach a million users

Montreal, March 3rd, 2014

With its new Cloud storage offers, hubiC aims to reach a million users

hubiC’s fast growth since the end of 2013 was supported by its international commercialization, and also by an API that was open so that external developers could contribute to perfecting it. As it is now aiming to reach a million users, hubiC is simplifying its offer and lowering its prices.

hubiC is a complete online archiving solution that can store large data volumes: file sharing, synchronization, speed and availability on each of the user’s devices. Two new attractive offers are now unveiled: the first, 100 GB for $1.38/month, and the second is of 10 TB (10,000 GB!) for the unbeatable price of $13.71/month, which means that each GB of storage only costs $0.065/month. These two new offers are non-binding and payment is made on a monthly basis. hubiC sets itself apart from the competition because of its low operating costs due to the fact that the brand runs its own infrastructure of servers, which is redundant in many data centers. Finally, a free and unlimited-in-time discovery offer of 25 GB is available to allow users to try out the new service.

With these particularly attractive offers, hubiC targets a large and varied audience who is looking for a solution to two problems: data backup (have your files online, sheltered from disk failure, theft or loss of material) and mobility (with synchronization, you have immediate access to all of your data, from any of your connected devices). Moreover, hubiC offers what physical mediums never could with such a large volume of data: standardized and long-lasting storage space. In addition, maximum security and confidentiality are guaranteed because each file saved on hubiC is duplicated in 3 data centers located in Europe (in the North, East and West of France).
“The data volume generated by each of us has exploded in the last few years, and this phenomenon is not losing any steam”, says Adélaïde Moulière, hubiC product manager at OVH.com. Photos, videos, electronic documents…: the amount of files that we produce and save will be multiplied 30 times by 2020, predicts a new study conducted by IDC in collaboration with EMC. “hubiC has anticipated this trend since it offers very large volumes of storage. Our goal: that users are not forced to choose which documents they want to save in the Cloud. With hubiC, they can save them all.”

Built on the OpenStack system, the technical platform hosting hubiC is constantly optimized and its reliability is proven by a growing number of users (over 30,000 logs in everyday). One of its main advantages is its scalability: “The infrastructure was designed in a way that it can expand infinitely and keep operating at maximum performance”, explains Pierre Ourdouillé, engineer at OVH.com. As the result of months of R&D, this platform now gives hubiC the opportunity to lower its prices to never-seen-before levels on the market.

Since the end of 2013, international users can create accounts. The website www.hubic.com, as well as the applications for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and BlackBerry are now available in 13 languages1. Since the apps recently developed for Linux and Windows Phone 8 have also been translated, hubiC is therefore available on an impressive amount of devices all over the world.

Updated on a regular basis, hubiC applications constantly benefit from new functionalities. For instance, backups on smart phones and tablets2 have recently been made available for the Android application and will soon be extended to the other platforms. It allows the user to drop on hubiC all or part of the content of a mobile phone (photos, videos, music, contacts, and calendar) and restore the data on new equipment, regardless of the operating system. This feature is convenient in case of loss, theft or damage to your phone, or simply if you are getting a new mobile phone.

Meanwhile, external developers are working on many projects through the hubiC API: integrating hubiC to Thunderbird messaging, creating a Linux application with a graphical users interface, etc. These “compatible-with-hubiC” applications will be released on.

More details about backup functionality on smartphone: hubiC forum

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