The 01-11-2018

#OVHSummit 2018 : keynote of Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman of OVH

Hey! Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th OVH Summit. I've been dreaming of playing Metallica in front of you for years. Man, it’s just so great! I hope you like it too – it’s one of my favourite bands. So there you go. That’s done. Let's get down to business.Seeing you every year means a lot to us. To me. It’s a really special occasion to show you what we’ve done and where we’re going, and to get...

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The 01-11-2018

#OVH Summit 2018: product announcements

On Thursday, 18 October 2018, OVH brought together its entire ecosystem for the 6th OVH Summit. Octave Klaba, President and Founder of OVH, kicked off by sharing his vision of a different type of cloud. He announced the launch of four product universes, tailored to four different types of OVH customer, as well as the way they interact with its products and services. These four universes, which will...

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The 14-09-2018

Increasing service quality without slowing down innovation: the challenge faced by CSDO

I joined OVH in spring 2017, as Chief Service Delivery Officer (CSDO). I was invited, along with the entire Run team to the company’s COMEX, to discuss the quality of the services delivered. Naturally, this subject is already a key element of the OVH strategy.In computing terms, Run refers to the action of running a routine or program. By extension, this term is used at OVH for the teams responsible...

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The 28-08-2018

OVH network capacity has hit 15 terabits per second!

OVH has deployed, operated and maintained its own fibre optic network since 2006. It connects 32 points of presence (PoP) around the world. How does this infrastructure benefit our customers? Why do we need to keep developing it continuously? And what does “network capacity” mean? Read on to find out. What exactly does “network capacity” mean?All of our 28 datacentres are connected to the internet...

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The 17-08-2018

OVH – L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) / Foreshadow disclosure

We were recently informed by our partners at Intel of the discovery of a new vector of the "speculative execution side-channel" type, named L1TF / Foreshadow and based on the same concept as the Spectre and Meltdown flaws discovered in January and May 2018. What is L1TF ?Called "L1 Terminal Fault" (L1TF) – or "Foreshadow" – this vulnerability concerns CPUs with SMT technology (also known as “hyper-threading”...

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The 31-07-2018

From sheet metal to connected server (1)

With my teams, we manage the infrastructures that support OVH. We design and deploy the datacenters, the servers and the network. Through this series of blog articles, you can join me in discovering the "heart of the matrix", and get a better understanding of how our model works. I’ll start by telling you the story of a guy from the North of France, who went to work in Silicon Valley before joining...

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The 06-07-2018

Company culture: how do we explain and cultivate it, and what mistakes should really be avoided?

It is often said that to build a large company, you need to develop a company culture first. It’s true. Company culture is the frame of mind that employees share, it’s their way of interacting with customers, it’s the reason why a company exists, and it’s the purpose behind all the actions we take. It’s a set of factors that make employees look forward to getting up every morning, inspire trust from...

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The 30-06-2018

Infrastructure as code: Using Terraform with the OVH Public Cloud

Yann Degat, Solutions Architect at OVH, already had a rich variety of experience before he joined OVH’s Public Cloud team. Having previously worked as a Technical Innovation Manager at the French travel company Oui SNCF (previously known as Voyages SNCF), the Java-trained developer became a DevOps several years ago. And for the last five years that he has spent building cloud infrastructures for start-ups...

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The 29-06-2018

The sky is not the limit! There is a gold mine of space data in the OVH Public Cloud

OVH is reaching for the stars. OVH’s Public Cloud solution, adopted by the European Space Agency via its partner SERCO, is set to host the data from the Copernicus Project in order to promote uses involving satellite imaging. There are dozens of petabytes of new data at stake for developers to analyse!The Copernicus Project is the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date. This initiative...

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The 28-06-2018

How do we create Europe’s tech champions?

Every year for the last 18 years, OVH has been put to the test. The main challenge: managing our growth over the next 12 months. It is our job to be disruptive. We are revolutionising the cloud – especially Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – to enable our customers to harness the power of digitalisation. Increasing volumes of different types of data drive constant...

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The 25-06-2018

OVH has reinforced its contractual commitments with regard to personal data protection

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. OVH took this opportunity to update its terms and conditions of service, and include an appendix on personal data protection.In July 2017, OVH S.A.S. had already updated its General Terms and Conditions of Service in France, in anticipation of the GDPR deadline.  But as the GDPR deadline date approached, we also wanted...

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The 14-05-2018

vRack 3.0: the OVH private network, intensively redesigned to continue anticipating IT project requirements

As a cloud services provider operating its own datacentres and network, OVH has a privileged position when it comes to observing and anticipating usage in terms of traffic.

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The 05-03-2018

1.3 Tbit/s mitigated by the VAC: a recap on the Memcached episode

On Thursday 1 March, at around 02:00 (GMT+1), our VAC mitigated a DDoS attack exceeding 1.3 Tbit/s, which was aimed at one of our customers — thereby breaking the record of 1 Tbit/s previously held by MIRAI. A few hours earlier, GitHub had been the target of a similar attack, again reaching 1.3 Tbit/s. Unfortunately, the Github website was down for several minutes.

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The 15-01-2018

OVH wishes you all the best for 2018, and presents its ambitions for this year

Can you still accelerate when you already think you’re going full-speed ahead? The answer is yes. In 2017, OVH had a lot of news to share. Our teams were able to learn from both the successes and challenges we experienced, so that we could strengthen the building blocks for our cloud solutions to infinity (internationally) and beyond (because innovation never stops). We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive...

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The 05-01-2018

Meltdown, Spectre bug impacting x86-64 CPU - OVH fully mobilised

Like all IT industry players, OVH has been informed of security vulnerabilities on x86-64 processors, which were exposed by security researchers. These vulnerabilities make it possible to carry out, on a large-scale, a type of attack (side-channel attacks) that up until now has been infrequent due to the complexity of implementation.

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The 09-11-2017

#WeAreOpenStack: OVH at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Sydney

The twice-yearly gathering of the OpenStack community took place from 6–8 November in Sydney, Australia. A team from OVH, one of the most important operators of a public cloud powered by this open-source technology, is there to share its experience with other users, and learn from theirs. A good opportunity to review some recent news at OVH, as it continues to enhance its Public Cloud offer.

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The 08-06-2017

How to choose the cloud that suits your needs ?

The idea of entrusting your sensitive data to a third party was still unthinkable just a few years ago. Today, many companies are outsourcing their information system to cloud providers. With the wide range of offerings on the market, however, choosing a provider can rapidly become a challenge. To help guide you through this choice, Mehdi Bekkai, product manager of cloud computing at OVH, shares his...

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The 20-11-2017

#OVHSummit 2017: keynote speech by Octave Klaba, founder and CEO of OVH

Read the speech by Octave Klaba, founder and CEO of OVH. Keynote address to the 2017 OVH Summit on 17th October 2017, in Paris.

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The 13-10-2017

Anti-DDoS technologies: why OVH must keep investing heavily to ensure the best protection for customers

A race against time. That’s how we should see the battle OVH has been fighting for years to protect customers from increasingly frequent, increasingly intense DDoS attacks. To resist the attacks of tomorrow, including those bigger than we can even imagine today, we have to invest heavily in our DDoS mitigation technologies. Read on to find out why.

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The 18-10-2017

#OVHSummit 2017: Why OVH stands for an ‘open’ cloud model

Presentation by Laurent Allard, Vice-Chairman of the OVH Group, leading its strategic development - at the OVH Summit 2017 keynote, on 17th October 2017 in Paris.

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The 29-09-2017

Will the EU Data Protection Regulation put Whois at risk?

The Whois database enables any internet user to identify domain name registrants. The future of this widely-used and sometimes controversial “public internet directory” is now uncertain, due to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Some registries, such as AFNIC in France (which manages the .fr domain name), have implemented mechanisms to restrict the sharing of domain owner data....

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The 31-07-2017

OVH to participate to a call for presentation for the OpenStack Summit in Sydney!

The OpenStack summit, a semi-annual open source cloud event, will take place next November in Sydney, Australia. This is an event for the entire community to discuss and exchange practices, R&D and community efforts. Several conferences will take place over a 3-day period and OVH will be represented by their teams from France, Poland and Australia. Five proposals have been submitted for the various...

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The 07-11-2017

The Cloud is the future. But what is the future of the Cloud? (Part 1)

Part 1: A closer look at cloud users. Who are they? What are their needs? What challenges will they face in the years to come?

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The 05-30-2017

Anti-DDoS Game : Powerful protection specifically designed to counter attacks to game servers

It’s now easier than ever to launch a denial of service (DDoS) attack. You no longer need advanced technical skills to disrupt a service or make it unavailable. Anti-DDoS protection, like the one that OVH developed in 2013, can limit the scope of such malicious attacks, which are growing in frequency and severity (in 2016, one-terabit-per-second attacks were recorded for the first time). The gaming...

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The 23-05-2017

OVH to give startups a leg up at France Singapore ICT Awards 2017

“Innovation is Freedom”, that’s our mantra, but how does a global provider like OVH stay innovative as it grows?

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The 16-05-2017

OVH enters the Cloud Spectator 2017 rankings – and is placed 1st in Europe, ahead of the main US players in this sector

In its first appearance among the Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers, OVH takes 1st place in Europe and rises to 2nd place in North America, ahead of the main US players. The result validates a public cloud business model that compromises neither on performance nor on price competitiveness.

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The 19-12-2016

The first of 3 OVH datacenters in Germany will be located near Frankfurt

The 21st datacenter of the group will be set up in Limburg, less than a millisecond from Frankfurt. OVH just acquired a building with a capacity of 45,000 servers and located very close to a major node of the German electrical grid. As the first of 3 datacenters to be implemented in Germany by the European cloud leader, the Limburg location will allow customers in the D-A-CH zone (Germany, Austria...

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The 31-10-2016

All the latest OVH news at a glance

What’s been on the news these past few weeks at OVH? If you missed our latest headlines, this recap is for you.

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The 07-10-2016

The DDoS that didn't break the camel's VAC*

For a little over a week, OVH has been in the public eye, with two different sets of eyes, that is. On one hand, the watchful eye of hundreds of thousands of comprised IP cameras used to cause the largest DDoS attack ever recorded - which was withstood well by OVH. On the other hand, journalists from all over the world with their own cameras, eager to learn more about this off-the-chart attack, its...

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The 30-09-2016

All the latest OVH news at a glance

What’s been on the news these past few weeks at OVH? If you missed our latest headlines, this rundown is for you.

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The 19-09-2016

With PetalMD, doctors can devote more time to their patients

So you haven’t gone past the pager worn at the belt by all doctors’ who had to stop everything as soon as the small device started beeping? A booster shot might be in order, if only to remind people how much communication has evolved over the past few years in the medical field. As a matter of fact, this has been PetalMD’s mission since its creation five years ago in Quebec City. It is now a leader...

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The 01-09-2016

Thanks to the connected eco-counters, cyclists and pedestrians are no longer left behind when it comes to transport planning.

For the past 15 years, devices designed by company Eco-Counter have been relentlessly counting bikes and pedestrians. They work with a lot of accuracy and in all types of configurations, whether it’s on a hiking trail, an important tourist site, or a bike path in New York and Montreal. This article is about the world leader in counting systems designed for soft transportation.

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The 01-09-2016

August news in details

What’s been on the news these past few weeks at OVH? If you missed our latest headlines, this rundown is for you.

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The 01-08-2016

Spotlight on OVH news - July 2016

No holidays for innovation! It’s time to make a round-up of the top stories and latest products in the OVH universe. Follow the guide!

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The 29-07-2016

Gamping: wilderness camping in gardens and backyards

Since 2013, Gamping has been connecting thousands of property owners with campers, looking for somewhere to pitch their tents. The Airbnb of camping is now making its way across Europe and soon in North America.

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The 23-06-2016

Open Season on Malware and Ransomware!

When we celebrate innovation and rejoice in the democratization of technology, we often forget this also benefits the malicious actors on the network. Despite advances in antivirus software, launching malware or ransomware has never been easier. For a year and a half OVH has contributed, at its level, to make the web safer by trapping malicious programs and when possible, their authors and discourage...

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The 01-07-2016

What's new at OVH in June? (2/2)

Did you fall behind OVH's latest news? No worries, this recap should put everyone on the same page.

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The 20-06-2016

DBaaS Time Series: OVH storage team use case

The infrastructure for OVH internal storage is made up of several thousands of servers, geographically located in datacenters in Roubaix, Strasbourg, Paris, Gravelines, and Beauharnois. All the servers which make up this farm are operated and managed by the OVH Storage team. Many internal services rely on the servers that the Storage team manages. Some of these servers can be used directly for achieving...

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The 21-06-2016

#IoT Connit: “Among the Internet of Things, machine to machine is the submerged part of the iceberg.”

What do a billboard, water meter, box compactor and a recharging station for electrical vehicles have in common? It seems nothing, except that these items are becoming more and more connected. “Through sensors, they are able to transmit information regarding their state. This facilitates the recuperation of important data and maintains operational conditions remotely,” explains Pierric Cistac, developer...

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The 07-06-2016

OVH ISO 27017 Compliant

OVH has implemented a series of best practices to comply with the ISO 27017 standard for cloud security. This international standard specifies the best security practices for cloud service providers. Julien Levrard, who works on ISO 27017 compliance between OVH infrastructures speaks about this approach and how it benefits all the group’s customers.

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The 15-06-2016

What's new at OVH in June ? (1/2)

Twice a month, we give you an overview of our latest news and main headlines. Here we go!

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The 08-06-2016

How OVH Will Balance Development in the USA while Preserving its European Identity

Among the largest cloud providers in Europe, all are American, except one, OVH. This unique position on the European map allows OVH to guarantee its customers that they are not subject to US jurisdiction, most notably the Patriot Act. It was under this logic, that in 2011, OVH established itself in Quebec, Canada, to offer services in North America while remaining non-subject to the Patriot Act. OVH...

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The 01-06-2016

What's new at OVH in May? (2/2)

Network, New Products, Events... Here's a recap of all the news not to be missed over the last few days.

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The 12-05-2016

PaaS Database: Unlock the potential of your applications!

Automation and scaling of complex infrastructures are some of the main challenges of IT experts today. Enabling fast selection, provisioning and exploitation of on demand resources is key to business growth.

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The 17-05-2016

What's new with OVH in May? (1/2)

Did you miss out on the latest OVH news? Here's an overview of our main headlines for the first half of May.

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The 28-04-2016

New SSD instances on Public Cloud

OVH has revamped its Public Cloud instances. The range, which used to be exclusively made of HA Block Storage instances, now consists of two groups of SSD Low Disk Latency instances specifically designed to getn increased input/output (I/O) performance and reduce latency.

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The 03-05-2016

What's new with OVH in April? (2/2)

As we always do every 15 days, here's a review of all the news and significant events in the world of OVH.

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The 21-04-2016

“We invite startups to come and challenge our infrastructures!”

Guillaume Fillière, in charge of Digital Launch Pad (DLP) at OVH, looks back on the first six months of the startup assistance program. Launched last autumn, the program has already welcomed in more than 150 startups and continues to support new ones each week.

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The 20-04-2016

PaaS Logs: an inside look at our log management infrastructure

Businesses from the industrial sector and startups are at a crossroads: as the demand for cloud infrastructures and services continues to grow, (IDC estimates the market will reach 113 billion dollars by 2019) the needs for log management solutions are evolving and becoming increasingly industrialized.

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The 15-04-2016

What's new with OVH in April? (1/2)

Want to get all the latest on the new OVH products? This recap is for you.

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The 08-04-2016

EG Public Cloud instances are getting a new name

Starting April 13, we will change the names of our "Public Cloud EG" instances to "Public Cloud HG".

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The 01-04-2016

What happened in March at OVH? (2/2)

Network, services, news… Here's a look at the news not to be missed over the past few days.

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The 17-03-2016

A new 100G link crossing the Atlantic for OVH customers

On March 15, 2016, in order to handle the ever increasing traffic, the OVH network team has put in production a new link under the Atlantic. Originating from Skewjack in the United Kingdom, the underwater cable FLAG Atlantic-1 joins with Northport in the United States.

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The 09-03-2016

Responsive Web Design, how to get started?

Web designers have always been faced with portability issues concerning how different browser interpret their work based on the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Designing the same site for Internet Explorer then for Firefox was once considered an unavoidable practice. The emergence of new generations of mobile devices and new usages only add to this issue. In 2015, worldwide...

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The 04-03-2016

"Virtual reality is tomorrow's web"

Thirty-three-year old Tom Gauthier is the founder and CEO of Beloola, a first startup based in Lille (France) and San Mateo (California). Convinced that the web has "so much more to offer than just two-dimensional pages", he created the first 3D social network with 100% web content, accessible from any device: PC, tablet, smartphone and from now on any virtual reality headset. Tom talks with OVH about...

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The 16-03-2016

What happened at OVH in March? (1/2)

Did you miss out on the latest news? Here's an overview of our main headlines for the first two weeks of March.

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The 03-03-2016

Data protection, moving towards new certifications

Is data the oil of tomorrow? Carried by an exponential growth and the explosion of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), data is becoming a resource at the center of strategic, legal, and security issues. The volume of data is such that a new unit of measurement has been introduced for it: the zettabyte (ZB), trillions of megabytes. According to a study* published by IDC, the amount of data will...

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The 02-02-2016

[Expert Advice] SEO trends for 2016 as seen by OVH

The way we search for information on the web is changing every day. In front of our computers, on smart phones or even watches, search is being shaped by these new uses and their relationship with screens. Facing these changes, SEO must adapt and broaden its scope to anticipate new usages in search, while relying on solid fundamentals. What can we expect in the upcoming year? David Looses, SEO specialist...

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The 28-01-2016

NVIDIA cards for supercharged virtual desktops

The use of virtual desktops intended for production tool users as well as those working remotely have become democratized. These technologies are evolving rapidly to expand their uses, particularly in professions where intensive applications made migration a delicate process until now.

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The 27-01-2016

CES 2016: OVH is gaining momentum in IoT and support for innovation

Once again boasting an increasing number of connected objects, which seem to be on the verge of reaching a maturity point, the last edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gave OVH the opportunity to test drive the potential of its new platform dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). But beyond that, it was also an opportunity to explore a constantly evolving ecosystem that’s brimming with...

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The 21-12-2015

[Insight] Will big data one day replace opinion polls?

Big data may be able to help the Los Angeles Police Department reduce crime. It is said to be able to make cities more intelligent, and some even see it as a credible alternative to restrictive policy measures in the fight against climate change (1). Why has big data, in its seemingly all powerful appearance, not yet “uberized” the polling industry? Leonardo Noleto, Data Scientist, Guillaume Pataut,...

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The 06-01-2016

The 2016 Product Roadmap at a Glance

What’s new for 2016? Dedicated Cloud, Public Cloud, dedicated servers and Exchange, our product managers provide you with an overview of the key developments that OVH is planning for the upcoming months.

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The 12-01-2015

New Control Panel: OVH focuses on Full-Stack and UX Development

PayPal, Netflix, and more recently WordPress have adopted Full-Stack Javascript. This means that these applications now use the same language for the front-end, middleware and databases. OVH joined this movement early on. In 2013, its telecom control panel, presented at the Devoxx France conference, was one of the first customer interfaces coded in AngularJS and Bootstrap – having only the backoffice...

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The 15--2-12-1

Why OVH is betting on OpenZFS

The annual OpenZFS Developer Summit took place on October 19-20 in San Francisco. Used in a relatively discrete manner by IT professionals until now, OpenZFS celebrates its 10-year anniversary and it is becoming increasingly popular. See how this open source technology has been used to store the twelve petabytes of dailies for the movie Gravity (1), or witness its integration into the latest release...

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The 27-11-2015

E-tailers: How to be reactive when facing an increase in holiday traffic

In 2015, holiday season retail e-commerce revenues are projected to amount to 79.4 billion dollars in the United States, a 13.9 percent increase from the previous year*. For e-tailers experiencing growth like vendors with an international reputation, this extra traffic may cause an explosion of sales... and put a strain on its infrastructure. OVH offers customers the ability to face increases in seasonal...

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The 08-12-2015

OVH becomes "Infrastructure Donor" for Open Stack

OpenStack has recently and formally announced that OVH is now contributing to the open source project as a cloud resource provider for its continuous integration system. This support strengthens the ties between the OpenStack community and OVH, which operates large-scale solutions and has been one of the members of the project’s Foundation since 2014.

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The 26-11-2015

E-tailers, SEO essentials to prepare for the holiday season

Cyber Monday 2015 reached a new high with online customers spending a record $3.07 billion*. This follows astounding sales of $8.03 billion for the Thanksgiving weekend, a 17 percent increase over last year. Yet again consumers will be turning to the Internet for the Christmas period and the January sales. It’s therefore time for online businesses to review their SEO strategy. SEO Manager Rémi Bacha...

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The 10-11-2015

OpenStack Summit 2015 Tokyo: OVH welcomes project evolution towards Public Cloud use

The biannual OpenStack gathering was held in Japan on October 27-30, 2015. The technical team in charge of the Public Cloud offer at took part in the event as an “Ops”, a term used for operators of the open source project. Review the trends with Jean-Daniel Bonnetot, system administrator, specializing in OpenStack at OVH.

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The 29-10-2015

How do you migrate your e-mail accounts in just a few clicks and at no cost?

Professional emails today, are really sensitive and critical data for businesses. It’s for this reason that businesses are often reluctant to make changes, whether to update their solution or to change provider.

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The 28-10-2015

OVH finds a new home in Montreal and scales up its ambitions for North America

With the doubling of its staff in the Montreal region, and a support program for the most promising start-ups, OVH has just opened its brand new North American head office at the heart of Montreal. Here’s a summary of the main announcements as well as some images.

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The 12-11-2015

PHP 7: And it’s already the time to migrate?

In recent years, the minor releases of PHP have successively offered significant improvements in the performance of the language. The community around PHP has become more professional and has made numerous tools available to developers to improve the use of the language and application maintenance. Announced as a major event, PHP 7, successor to PHP 5, has a scheduled release date of November 12....

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The 10-10-2015

“Anti-DDoS Game is allowing us to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market.”

Video games are the second largest cultural industry in the world. Today, half of the American population plays video games. Among players, 62% play on PC, and spend an estimated 6.5 hours per week playing online *. Every evening, all over the world, millions of players connect to servers to compete or collaborate with teammates without realizing the challenges that server providers have to overcome...

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The 18-09-2015

VPS 2016 - Infrastructure, Hardware and Usages

Launched in France at the beginning of summer, the VPS 2016 range is now available to OVH customers worldwide. What are the major advances in this new release? Damien Rannou, Tech lead (technical leader) of the project and Jean-Guillaume Burlet, VPS product manager, respond to this question and more.

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The 29-09-2015

No, PHP Is Not Dead!

Last June, the PHP language celebrated its 20th anniversary. Entering into adulthood and very widely popular, PHP has a bad reputation. It is regularly accused of being too permissive, too slow or even being supported by a community which is not professional enough. The consequence is that PHP is often dismissed when planning large scale web projects. The complaints issued against PHP are often merited....

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The 05-30-2017

Anti-DDoS Game : Powerful protection specifically designed to counter attacks to game servers

It’s now easier than ever to launch a denial of service (DDoS) attack. You no longer need advanced technical skills to disrupt a service or make it unavailable. Anti-DDoS protection, like the one that OVH developed in 2013, can limit the scope of such malicious attacks, which are growing in frequency and severity (in 2016, one-terabit-per-second attacks were recorded for the first time). The gaming...

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The 21-09-2015

OVH Strengthens Its Fight against Spam

At the start of 2015, OVH undertook a responsible approach in the fight against spam and other types of abuse. With its membership to the organizations of Signal Spam and M3AAWG, the implementation of a new Abuse center and R&D dedicated to identifying new methods of combatting malicious behavior, the company has seen a steady decline in the amount of spam sent from its infrastructure. Romain Beeckman,...

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The 10-08-2015

OVH wants to foster the emergence of the most promising startups

OVH took part in the Montreal Startup Festival, which gathered over 2,000 participants on July 16-17. It was a unique platform for interaction between entrepreneurs, investors and analysts eager to build tomorrow's economic models as well as an opportunity for OVH to seize up their expectations and apprehensions. OVH is currently working on the creation of its own start-up support program.

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The 10-07-2015

OVH goes scouting in New York City to speed up North American growth

OVH is staying the course and strengthening its presence in North America. While showing a very solid presence on all fronts during the OVH World Tour which took place in New York City on June 25, the leader in secured cloud computing has made multiple announcements and solidified its ambition to offer ever more stable and innovative infrastructures.

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The 20-05-2015

A new R&D Center in Quebec City focusing on User Experience.

OVH continues its development in Canada with a $32.9M investment geared towards the opening of a new technological hub located right at the heart of Quebec City, and allowing for the creation of 150 jobs in North America.

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The 24-06-2015

Expert Advice: Rethinking Electrical Distribution in Datacenters to Reduce Risk of Failure

In 1893, the company Westinghouse, took the undertaking of deploying the first electrical network in the United States, exploiting the alternating current system advocated by the scientist, Nicola Tesla. As amazing as it sounds, this method of distributing electricity has not evolved very much since this then. In more recent datacenter history, the same could be said as little has evolved in this...

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The 01-06-2015

OVH at OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015: What was learned from the event?

The biannual gathering of the OpenStack project brought together more than 6,000 people between the 18th and 22nd of May in the city of Vancouver. OVH participated in the event to learn what lies ahead for the project in the months ahead and to share its experience with the community. OVH uses OpenStack in particular for its most recent offer "Public Cloud" and is today part of the foundation of the...

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The 30-04-2015

At the heart of the OVH World Tour Toronto

In North America, where its ambition is to assert itself a little more each day, OVH opened the latest season of its World Tour in Toronto on April 23. This was an opportunity for visitors to discover -or rediscover- OVH and all together imagine the future of cloud and dedicated infrastructures, in the light of the latest innovations from the leader of Digital as a Service.

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The --

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The 08-04-2015

10 reasons to attend the OVH World Tour Toronto

To kick off the North American leg of the tour, by popular demand, the leader of Digital as a Service, is making a stop in Toronto on April 23. Intended for OVH customers and anybody with a passion for innovation, the OVH World Tour is the IT event of spring. The “digital revolution” train is barreling down the track. Here are 10 reasons to climb aboard the OVH car.

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The --

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The 30-03-2015

EXPERT OPINION: SEO in a time of connected objects

Mobile is everywhere: it’s the topic of many discussions and recommendations. Is this not a trend already in the making, overhanging the shadow of the next big revolution? Reflecting back on SEO Camp’us Paris 2015, we examine some opinions of the participants and thoughts on the future of SEO.

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The 23-03-2015

EXPERT ADVICE: Password,chronicle of a death foretold

Authentication by password is dead. This has not yet been accepted by the majority of Internet sites, let alone users, but this is the case. Just as telnet is dead and buried, having been replaced by ssh – today, it is difficult to even remember that telnet was once standard - authentication by password is also dead and we’re entering into an era where the widespread practice of two factor authentication...

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The 04-03-2015

OVH World Tour Season 2

After meeting more than 4,000 customers during the first OVH World Tour, the OVH group is setting its sights even higher this year with a goal to meet 12,000 people. The hosting company has added some international destinations to its itinerary and enhanced the tour's content: it promises to be more technical, more oriented towards professionals and equally more accessible to beginners.

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The 14-01-2015

"2015 Marks the Beginning of a New Cycle"

Learn about the wishes Octave Klaba sent to OVH customers on the evening of January 1st

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The 24-12-2014

To 2015… and Beyond

Which services are the ones to watch? This year, in addition to the traditional retrospective, we wish draw attention to some of the projects that were started in 2014 and will be highlighted in 2015.

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The 17-12-2014

OVH in Poland: a branch in constant motion

The opening of the first OVH subsidiary, in Poland in 2004, was made on the observation of the great resources available in a country that continues to prove itself in engineering and IT expertise. 10 years later, the Wroclaw team is a keystone for OVH R&D. As this dynamic team continues to grow, it pushes the European leader of the cloud to new limits. Good health and cheer prevailed on December...

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The 03-10-2014

vRack: an insight into the private network

With the vRack (virtual rack), offers its clients the possibility to interconnect all their IT infrastructure components, located all over the world, via a private network. This is a huge innovation that meets the growing need amongst companies* deploying hybrid architectures, combining different types of resources - physical, virtual, external or internal. Already awarded the “Best of IT...

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The 22-09-2014

OVH is accelerating R & D in data centers

Henri Klaba, CEO of OVH, is deeply involved in the design and R&D of the group’s data centers. He focuses on the latest innovations to leave his laboratory, as well as on data centers, one of which is planned for Germany by 2015

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The 17-09-2014

RunAbove, developers talking to developers

In April 2014, the OVH group launched RunAbove, a high performance public cloud offer for developers and DevOps. Meeting with three architects of this new brand: Adélaide Moulière, Maxime Hurtrel and Pierre Ourdouillé

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The 17-09-2014

7 reasons to choose a dedicated server OVH

OVH offers ultra-customizable machines to allow everyone to build their own outsourced servers solution, which take advantage of the best innovations of the leader in European hosting *.

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The 26-08-2014

The use of HTTPS, a new tool for SEO ?

It's official, the search engine used by a high percent of North American users will now consider the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) in its algorithm (SEO). One more reason to secure their website with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, a service proposed by OVH.

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