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cPanel is an ideal management interface to administer the services on your dedicated server (web, email, databases ...) You can install it on CentOS 5/6 or Red Hat Enterprise 5 and Joyent SmartOS that we offer. Other supported systems that cPanel supports are CloudLinux

What is this?

cPanel is a graphical management interface for your server, it enables you to manage your mails, domains, databases and hostings...

To find out more about cPanel:

Get a cPanel licence


For ease of use, we recommend our ready to use distribution with pre-installed cPanel Virtuozzo.
You can install cPanel yourself on the distribution of your choice. To subscribe to a cPanel licence for your OVH dedicated server, log into your Manager or sign up directly for your server.

cPanel licences prices
1 month (unlimited domain names)S$ 39.00 (ex. GST)

You can install cPanel in one of your Virtuozzo or OpenVZ VPS (Proxmox distribution), with a very competitive price:

1 month (unlimited domain names)S$ 16.00 (ex. GST)