OVH wants to foster the emergence of the most promising startups

OVH took part in the Montreal Startup Festival, which gathered over 2,000 participants on July 16-17. It was a unique platform for interaction between entrepreneurs, investors and analysts eager to build tomorrow's economic models as well as an opportunity for OVH to seize up their expectations and apprehensions. OVH is currently working on the creation of its own start-up support program.

The Startup Festival took place in Old Montreal, near the St-Lawrence River. This edition, called "Masters & Models", featured the people who "are building new models while undoing the old ones". This claim reflects the corporate thinking at OVH, a company that is still remembering its roots and what has made it one of the world's leaders in Cloud technology. "OVH has always kept this start-up mentality", confided Germain Masse, COO at OVH, during Techcrunch's first meet-up in Montreal last April, of which OVH was the main sponsor. The 900 people who gathered there that day were a great example of the energy and enthusiasm that makes this city a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation in the province of Quebec. The success of this 5th edition of the Startup Festival is yet another proof of that.

"Established in Quebec since 2012, the goal for OVH is to play a major role in this ecosystem by fostering the emergence of the most promising startups. The "Startup Progam", still in its early stages, sits at the heart of that ambition."

Decreasing their burn rate is one of the chief concerns for startups. The burn rate calculates the pace at which a company spends its liquid assets to finance its fixed costs, even before it starts to generate any positive cash flow. It is a rite of passage for the majority of startup companies, and the strong competitiveness of OVH's services can make a difference. "Our prices are twice as low as Amazon's" Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH, reminded us last month [url="[/url] during the OVH World Tour in New York City[/url]. Aside from the competitive rates as well as the variety and performance of their offers, OVH will propose a wide range of benefits to the selected startups: free expertise, customized solutions, free or low-price services.

All startups that registered at the OVH booth will thus get one hour of free consultation where their infrastructure will be scrutinized. The details of the offer will soon be made public.