Naming policy for .OVH TLD

This Naming Policy is to be read together with the Registry-Registrar Agreement. The Parties agree that words and phrases used in the Naming Policy shall have the same meaning than attributed in the Registry-Registrar Agreement unless otherwise specified.

The Registrar obliges the Registrant to accept all of the ICANN consensus policies and the policies regarding the .OVH TLD.

Article 1. General availability

To registrar and/or renew a .OVH TLD, the Registrant can be an individual or a legal entity.

The Registrant must have a OVH nic-handle (Customer ID) at the latest, at the time of the registration and at the time of the renew.

Article 2. Syntactic rules

A .OVH TLD shall only consist of the letters A to Z, numbers (0 to 9), hyphens, as well as all the French language characters. It may neither begin nor end with a hyphen, nor may it have a hyphen as both its third and fourth characters.

The minimum length of a domain is three (3) character; the maximum length is sixty three (63) characters.

Article 3. Period of validity of .OVH TLD

The period of validity of .OVH TLD is one (1) year, renewable for successive one-year periods.

Article 4. Rules of allocation of a .OVH TLD

Except otherwise provided in the Reserved and Blocked Names Policy, and after the Sunrise Period, the registration of a .OVH TLD will be handled on a “First come- First saved” basis.

The Registry will be based on a chronological criteria to treat any .OVH TLD registration request.

Article 5. Dispute Resolution

By registering a .OVH TLD, the Registrant, through the Registrar agree to comply with all ICANN procedures for dispute resolution and in particular:

Article 6. Policy Review and update

The Registry may modify this Naming Policy from time to time in order to comply with applicable laws and terms and/or any conditions set forth by ICANN. Any revisions or modifications to this Naming Policy shall be effective thirty (30) days after the initial date of posting such revisions or modifications on the Registry’s website and such amendments shall be binding upon the domain name Registrant. Registrar is invited to check the Naming Policy from time to time in order to implement any modification.