Upgrade your VPSs

Computing power, storage space:
Upgrade your VPSs to suit your needs.

  • Add disk space without having to upgrade your VPS;
  • Scale up your CPU and RAM at any time directly from your OVH control panel;
  • Learn to control the development of your project by using our guides.

Additional disk

The size of your VPS fits your requirements and yet you want to get more disk space. Upgrades are no longer needed since you can now enable the Additional Disk option. Thanks to Cinder, an OpenStack block storage service, you can store more data and migrate from one VPS to another.

Choose the size of your Additional Disk and attach it to your VPS. You will thus increase capacity without affecting the RAM or the CPU. This can be done while ordering or directly from your OVH control panel.

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50 GB $7/month
100 GB $14/month
200 GB $21/month
500 GB $42/month

VPS Upgrade

You can upgrade your VPS to a more powerful server within the same range at anytime via the Control Panel.

Your entire system (OS, software, settings) is saved and you only need to make one simple change on your VPS's disk. The operation is performed in a few minutes automatically, and is practically invisible to your end-users.

Lastly, the months that remain on your current VPS will be automatically transferred over to your new model, on a pro-rata basis.