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OVH is supporting INEVIO

Your entire digital world in the same place

Inevio, created by two Spanish students, aims to make it possible to use several apps on different operating systems.

Inevio was born out of a desire to solve the problems which arise when you use your apps on a daily basis but they have different operating systems.
In order to succeed, Roberto Gomez and Javier Garmón, two IT engineering students, have created a new operating system specifically designed for the cloud. It lets you access all the apps on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktops, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Inevio has a team of eight, and users all over the world. And their goal is now no different from that any other startup: continue to grow user numbers and find new sources of finance.
To achieve this, they have a lot of groundwork to do along the route, including working on the presentation of their mobile app, and developing their business in the US before the end of the year.

"It all started with one server that we ordered to put an idea into practice", explains Roberto Gómez, co-founder and CEO of Inevio. "Since then, we have grown with OVH's support, which has helped us to make the most of the available technology."

OVH launched its OVHcloud Startup Program in order to promote innovation and talent. The company assists startups like Inevio by offering them our technical infrastructure.

Inevio uses a wide range of OVH products, such as a So you Start Dedicated Server, two Kimsufi servers, two SSD VPS servers, a Cloud VPS, two CPU Public Cloud instances and the object storage service based on OpenStack Swift.

"By relying on OVH's services we don't have to worry about anything to do with servers and we can instead focus our limited resources on developing the platform", explains Roberto. "All startups are born with few resources and they cannot afford to make big sacrifices when it comes to their IT infrastructure; OVH has grown with us as we have developed our business and continued to require more and more technological resources."

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