A strong infrastructure

Our public Load Balancer offerings, which have long been used internally for our own critical needs and services, are also based on open-source technology HAProxy.

This open-source software is well known for its high performance and stability, and is a mainstay for web services such as Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, Instagram, AirBnB and many others (source: https://www.haproxy.org/they-use-it.html)

We're proud to take part in the popularization of the open-source world.

Maximum redundancy for your infrastructure

Contrary to the master/slave model, your Load Balancer is active on several devices simultaneously, all distributed across separate zones for every region that's been configured on it. This is why we can guarantee the highest availability level.

Our own worldwide network

With a presence on 5 continents, we provide innovative and secure digital infrastructures suitable for professionals, startups, medium and small businesses, as well as large companies. More than one million customers in 138 countries are already relying on our infrastructures.
To ensure high throughputs, high quality bandwidth and low latency, OVH has chosen to invest in the deployment of its own fibre optic network. Managed with DWDM equipment, the OVH network provides a total global capacity of 11 Tbps.

The OVH Load Balancers in numbers

  • 150,000 http/https requests per second
  • 2 million SSL certificates
  • Over 3 million websites
  • Processes 2,585,559 GeoTime series points for the metrics team
  • 40 Gb/s in, 60 Gb/s out

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