Virtual Scope: get a full overview of your data centre

With each Private Cloud, OVH provides you with a tool for supervising and monitoring your virtual machines and infrastructure.


vScope is a monitoring tool for Private Cloud, designed by OVH. All the useful information on your resources is displayed on one page. For example, you can instantly view the number of cores and VMs, the CPU and RAM load, and the network traffic on every host. And for even faster reading, all data is color-coded (green, orange, red or black). You can assess your virtual datacenter in the blink of an eye and anticipate new resources to be deployed.

A detailed overview

By double clicking on a host, a VM, you can access accurate data on this resource. You also have access to a history of daily, weekly, monthly or even annual use - simply zoom in on your chosen time period by scrolling the mouse.
And you don't even need to install any software!