A unique approach to the Cloud

When we talk about the Cloud, most users think about the Public Cloud: unlimited shared resources available on demand somewhere on the Internet.

The power of the Private Cloud

The private cloud is often defined as the type of cloud that companies build in-house, thus providing all the guarantees that come with a dedicated hardware infrastructure. The OVH Private Cloud combines the benefits of a dedicated infrastructure with all the flexibility and on-demand resources of the Public Cloud.

It is a more sustainable, robust, secure, transparent cloud, and above all it is 100% dedicated on all infrastructure layers. This is your virtual datacenter!

Why choose a Dedicated Cloud?

The strength of the OVH Private Cloud lies in its ability to provide you with a dedicated and managed infrastructure giving you full access to the vSphere hypervisor (as a service), which is exactly the same as what you would get when using VMware technologies on your infrastructure.

This way, you can take advantage of all the power from your hardware and network capacities while OVH takes care of their operational maintenance. This is what we call "Dedicated IaaS", and here's an overview of its added-value:

vCenter + vSphere as a service: create your own VMs

When you order a Private Cloud, you get access to the vSphere hypervisor about 30 minutes after placing your first order. From this interface, you are free to create your VM based on your needs, projects, workload, etc.
So you're not limited to only one catalog of VMs. You can specifically choose the vRAM, vCPU, storage size and your own network rules for deploying each VM.

The scalability of the Cloud: giving you additional resources on demand.

Running out of physical resources to create new VMs? Add/delete hosts and datastores whenever you want! These resources will be delivered and configured into your infrastructure in 5 minutes, with a monthly or hourly billing.

Guaranteed stability and performance

You're home! You'll never have to share your infrastructure with another customer. You'll be using 100% of your resources without comprising in order to provide a fully secure and reliable environment for your activities and your customers.

A transparent cloud

Your data is in a Cloud where you get total control. With Private Cloud, you can choose your datacenter and your hardware. VMware licenses are included, traffic is unlimited and bandwidth is guaranteed: in short, there are no hidden costs!

Private Cloud or OVH Private Cloud?

Standard technology, maximum industrialization

Get immediate access to your dedicated infrastructure

There is no long and complex ordering process under the guise of facilities management. If you order a Private Cloud infrastructure at OVH, we deliver a dedicated, configured (vCenter)and ready-to-use infrastructure in 30 minutes, accessible from the vSphere interface. All you need to do is to deploy your VMs.

Automatic replacement of your resources

In the event of a host failure, there's no need to contact us or open a ticket! Your hosts are automatically replaced by similar hosts in your infrastructure. With a delivery in less than 15 minutes (100% SLA), and the automatic reboot of your VMs (VMware HA functionality included), your infrastructure is highly available 24/7/365.

Customization from OVH – vSphere

Our VMware expertise allows us to add features directly into the vSphere interface. For example, in addition to adding and deleting your resources from inside the interface, you can simulate a failure in order to test your redundancy and reboot mechanisms with the "Resilience Test" functionality. You can run tests whenever you want, directly from vSphere.

VMware Partnership

Our parternship with VMware is the reason why the Private Cloud service offer can benefit from all the VMware innovations with no restrictions. This is also why the Private Cloud provides the best of VMware virtualization VMware with vSphere and through "Software Defined Network" technologies with NSX, "Software Defined Storage" with VSAN (available soon), and the advanced management solution vRealize Operations for a thorough management of your infrastructure.

And you get OVH quality on top!

The Private Cloud infrastructures are in compliance with these certifications: ISO 27001, SOC I and II type 2, CSA Star and PCI DSS. We wanted to include an additional service level by including the anti-DDoS protection, the vScope monitoring or the Private Cloud training sessions from OVH Academy in collaboration with VMware.

Multi data centres

The Private Cloud is available in our Strasbourg and Roubaix datacentres in France as well as in Beauharnois in Canada. Deploy your infrastructure in one or several datacentres, take advantage of the vRack Connect solutions to build your hybrid cloud!