Cloud Desktop Infrastructure

Deploy your fleet of virtual desktops on a dedicated, secure, high availability cloud infrastructure.
Powered by VMware Horizon

Desktop management made simple

This unique solution combines the stability of a 100% dedicated, cloud infrastructure and the simplicity of VMware Horizon for deploying and managing your virtual desktops. Virtual Cloud Desktop Infrastructure is designed for companies looking to centralize their desktop management (internally) and offer secure working environments, so that users can be mobile. The solution also opens up new possibilities for virtual desktop resellers, thanks to the VMware Horizon technology and the unique design of the Private Cloud infrastructure.

Scale your project

Easily calculate the Private Cloud infrastructure you would need for your project. Use the flexibility of cloud to rescale your infrastructure in just a few minutes and on demand, throughout your project's entire life cycle.

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Connect your infrastructures

Trust AD Managed

Seamlessly connect your users

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Use cases

Connection to virtual desktops

Internet connection

Each user can log in via the "access points" deployed by Horizon, using their login details. These access points allow them to log in to various vLANs, in which the fleets of virtual desktops are configured. Your infrastructures (Active directory, KMS, etc..) can connect to one another, with our Trust AD Managed module.

Private connection

In this configuration, desktop access is completely isolated from the public network. The connection is made from a machine linked to the vRack (a Private Cloud VM, dedicated servers, etc.) or using the vRack Connect solution.

Hybrid connection (coming soon)

These 2 connection types can be complementary to certain fleets accessible via the internet, with mobility being the main interest (business presentation, demos, HomeOffice...) and other isolated fleets for your company's various services.

The unique combination of a dedicated cloud infrastructure and VMware Horizon technology

The high availability of the OVH Private Cloud

Hardware infrastructure that is 100% dedicated and managed by OVH. Our automatic replacement mechanism ensures hardware high availability, while VMware technology manages the availability of your virtual environment.


The simplicity of VMware Horizon

Accessible via a download, the application or via the web client, Horizon simplifies the creation, deployment and management of your desktop fleets, with centralized management for all of your operations. APIs also available.

Advanced configurations

Isolate desktop fleets on your public network, and get 4000 vLANs to guarantee that each of your fleets is isolated from another.

Security guaranteed by NSX

VPN, firewall, security groups - get all the power of VMware NSX to build your data security policy.

The scalability of cloud

In just a few minutes, add and delete your resources to adjust the infrastructure that will support your virtual desktops.


The Private Cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2 type II, CSA Star and PCI DSS certified.

Consolidate your infrastructure, combine virtual machines and virtual desktops

Use the Private Cloud infrastructure to host your company's applications (E-commerce, ERP, SaaS, Web, etc.) as well as your virtual desktops with the same infrastructure.
From vSphere, deploy your VMs seamlessly to host your Active Directories, KMS, shared storage, VPN... With the ability to put all of these VMs in the same vLANs as your virtual desktops!

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