offers a new way of using dedicated servers with one week rentals

Montreal, 2014-06-11 offers a new way of using dedicated servers with one week rentals

Montreal, Canada – June 11, 2014 – The third-largest internet hosting provider in the world and the industry leader in Europe launches a unique concept, now available in North America. Users can now rent dedicated servers for 7 days, with no obligations or setup fees.

Whether it's testing the configuration and compatibility of their applications, supplementing their infrastructure during an expected traffic peak, performing load tests or confirming their final choice of hosting provider, OVH customers now have the unique option of renting dedicated servers for one week.

“Thanks to this original concept, our new customers can discover our dedicated servers and choose the one that suits them, starting at $49 for the week.” explains Octave Klaba, founder of OVH.

This seven-day contract will allow customers to use their hardware with no restrictions and try the different OVH services, such as load balancing IPs, failover IPs, the vRack, or the NAS. In addition, they will take advantage of free licenses of well-known software providers like Parallels and Microsoft.

Once the rental period has expired, customers will have the choice to keep their servers and upgrade to a “traditional” monthly plan. If a customer does not want to renew or if no action is taken, the contract is terminated and the data is deleted immediately. This new offer will be available soon for the So you Start servers.

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About OVH.COM is the third worldwide Internet hosting provider, and leader in Europe*. Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, the company experienced exponential growth, with now over 170,000 dedicated servers in its 15 data centers. owes its success to a business model based on innovation and total control of the hosting supply chain, in- house server production, infrastructure maintenance and client support. For each of its services and solutions, offer the best value and provide real guarantees to customers. Located in 16 countries, on 3 continents, is today the world’s reference for customers seeking the best of the Internet.

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