Datacentre review 2019 – step 4: Erith, United Kingdom, Northern Europe

In this step of our datacentre review, we visit the London suburb of Erith, to chat to the local datacentre teams. The Erith datacentre is very different from its neighbouring mega-datacentre in Gravelines. With site development now coming to a close, it is also one of OVH’s newest datacentres.

An overview of Erith

The Erith site has served as a fully-fledged datacentre since June 2017, when it started receiving orders for Discovery offer servers. It really is amazing to see how how much this site has developed in just a year! We divided up this old telecommunications site, with a mast equipped with multiple antennas on one side, while the rest of the site became the OVH datacentre. The old installations were completely dismantled and reworked to meet our datacentre standards. This made way for a new redundant electrical architecture, new generator units, a double network connection to London and, of course, OVH’s signature in-house water-cooling system — a full arsenal of OVH datacentre technology.

Erith generator units

The 1,250 kVA generator units in Erith.

The Erith site can host up to 40,000 servers, and offers OVH’s most popular products — Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud and Private Cloud solutions.

Erith interior

Inside the datacentre

Two rooms on the site are currently being used, and they offer a total capacity of more than 200 racks. The equipment for seven more rooms is already under review, to ensure that we are fully prepared to meet our customers’ needs.

We have an expert team, who have received comprehensive OVH integration training in Roubaix, as well as extensive on-site training. A team of experienced technicians stayed on-site for more than six months to train up their new British colleagues, and ensure they could handle day-to-day operations independently. This way, the new servers we deploy and their round-the-clock maintenance are guaranteed to meet the standard of quality upheld by OVH teams.

Erith Team

The Erith team

This datacentre, which is of the same generation as those deployed in Germany and Poland, makes its mark as OVH’s first datacentre in the UK. Once the product demand is high enough, we will start building more UK datacentres. We have already received quite a few offers for new sites, so we might get building soon!