Evolution of the Governance to pursue the new phase of acceleration of OVH

• Octave Klaba is appointed CEO and retains his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors;• Laurent Allard becomes Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The last 2 years have been strategic for OVH - capital growth of €250 million with the arrival of new international investors, strong revenue growth, fast globalization with the opening of new datacenters in Australia, Singapore and Poland as well as the kick off of a management team in the United States - OVH is now passing at high speeds and set up a new governance to push further the acceleration of growth, aiming to become a global leader of the Cloud.

Laurent Allard is now appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board of directors. For this reason, he is in charge of creating and leading the group’s strategic committee. His mission will cover defining the strategy, leadership of strategic planning, managing public affairs and developing strategic alliances.
Octave Klaba is now appointed CEO, focusing on execution of the strategy and leading the technology agenda. Octave is retaining his position as Chairman of the Board of directors.

This shift in roles aims to accompany the deployment of the “Next Level” strategic plan which has a goal to reach a turnover of a billion euros by 2020 and hiring more than 1000 staff over the two next years. This new organization will enable OVH to address the double challenge: to reinforce the vision for developing the group and to deliver its implementation with the most effective operational model.

“While changing our respective roles, together we take OVH towards a new dimension. Laurent is going to deliver our agenda for growth whereas, from my side, I’m now focusing on the execution of the strategy, mobilization of the teams and the delivery of the commitment to our customers” explains Octave Klaba, founder of OVH. “After 18 years, we approach a new cycle by preserving the agility and the entrepreneurial spirit which makes up our strength”.

“In two years, OVH has grown a lot. We now organize ourselves in a manner to write the next chapter of this outstanding journey and to take the company even further” added Laurent Allard.