OVH at CES 2017: supporting innovation, this is our mission

For the second consecutive year, OVH attends the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The fiftieth edition of the event, taking place on January 5th through 8th, has become the world showcase of technological innovation in all sectors. Octave Klaba, founder and CTO of OVH, flew to Nevada surrounded by the teams of the Digital Launch Pad. CES is an opportunity to discover emerging trends and the needs concerning the hosting and processing of data. It is also the ideal place to reaffirm the European leader of the cloud’s commitment in supporting innovative projects and especially to the startups in the 137 countries where OVH customers are present.

French Tech in full force

Essential for companies wishing to launch a product, meet distributors, attract investors and get spotted by the international press (at least 6,900 journalists were accredited in 2016 — more than the Olympic Games reports La Tribune!), today CES is an event that OVH cannot miss out on. As the top ranking French Tech fundraiser in 2016, the European cloud leader comes to support, as a partner of Business France, the enterprises of French Tech. These young companies make up the second largest delegation within Eureka Park, the exposition space dedicated to startups. At the core of the next industrial revolution, IoT will once again be one of the major focal point of CES 2017. And the Internet of Things, whether B to C (especially for making homes smarter) or B to B (for equipping factories of the future) turns out to be an area of excellence for French companies.

Already 500 startups being supported by the Digital Launch Pad

CES will be the time to put the spot light on the team of the Digital Launch Pad, the program that supports startups which was launched by OVH in 2015. The Parisian company, Plume Labs, will present at CES its personal sensor which detects one’s exposure to pollution (already attracted investors to the tune of 4 million euros) and is the 500th startup to be supported by the Digital Launch Pad. A symbolic milestone, which demonstrates OVH’s commitment in benefitting projects, with high potential that are based on cloud technologies, in providing free scalable infrastructures, reducing the time to market for the solution developed by the startups.

Personal project, an investment fund

Octave Klaba, who has always kept the startup spirit of the company that he created in 1999 and has become a worldwide group with 1,500 employees, is considering personally creating an investment fund. The face of the only non-American global cloud provider, Octave Klaba has managed investments for startups specializing in IaaS and PaaS services, which make up two layers of the cloud which are superimposed on the physical servers providing a turnkey environment for developers and companies to host their projects.

The explosion of data, the hidden side of CES

In 2013, we found it amusing to calculate the cumulative height OVH servers stacked on each other. This was equivalent to 20 times the Eiffel Tower. Today that number is 35 times, the cumulative height of the 260,000 servers that OVH makes available to its customers around the world (or 70 x height of the replica of the Eiffel Tower which stands in front of the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino, half the height of the original). And this is going to continue to grow even faster with the deployment of new datacenters throughout the world. And if the objects presented at CES constitute the visible part of technical innovation, the hidden part is even more impressive. It’s in the datacenters where the exponential volumes of data, generated by IoT - connected cars, 360° photos and videos, etc., that delight the visitors of the show, are stored and managed. The research firm, IDC predicted in 2014 that the Internet of Things would contribute to the “doubling in size of the digital universe every two years." We may get there faster than expected. This is enough to make your head spin, but no need to worry, OVH has you covered. Take advantage of CES!

Meet our teams:

Zone Eureka Park (level 1, Hall G) January 6 and 7
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