What's new at OVH in May (1/2)

Did you miss out on the latest OVH news? Here's an overview of our main headlines for the first half of May.

Improvement of our network capacity
Just like we do every week, we are continuing to improve our network capacity. On May 12, our teams have added two more 100G links between our Strasbourg datacenter (SBG) and our Frankfurt PoP. In the UK, our link with the operator SkyUK went up to 100G, allowing to speed up our transmissions and make them more reliable. On the other side of the Atlantic, we've been testing two new 10G ports in the US with SoftBank in order to upgrade the PNI (Private Network Interconnection) of Los Angeles and San Jose. If those tests are conclusive, we'll be able to reach a 20G capacity with those two PNI.

Datacenter: redundancy improvement for BHS
As is the case with all 16 others, our Beauharnois (BHS) datacenter located in Quebec is linked to the network through several fiber optic paths. On Tuesday, May 10, we finished implementing the redundancy between the BHS datacenter and the Newark PoP. The operation was carried out in a fully transparent manner for our customers and has allowed us to have two completely separate paths between the datacenter and the POP linking us to the other networks. Consequently, if a fiber optic failure occurs on one of those two links, the other one will automatically take over.

Tutorials for the Docker PaaS Mesos/Marathon lab
The RunAbove knowledge center is giving you the opportunity to get acquainted with or improve your knowledge of the new Docker Mesos/Marathon lab through a new series of inspiring and educational tutorials. Mesos is a manager allowing resource abstraction (CPU, RAM…) whereas Marathon is a container orchestration platform that gives you the ability to launch containerized applications.

A new guide for PaaS DB MySQL is now online
We've put a new guide online that will help you get started on the right foot with PaaS DB MySQL and PostgreSQL. It will give you the opportunity to discover and understand this new service designed to deploy databases and currently available on RunAbove.

FreeBSD 10.3 available for Public Cloud
As its name suggests, FreeBSD is a free-to-use UNIX operating system. This template was designed to meet a wide variety of requirements with a limited number of restrictions. Rescue mode isn't available yet but it will be very soon. Spawn your Public Cloud instances.

150 startups already being supported by Digital Launch Pad
The first startups have joined the startup support program back in January. Four months later, the program is benefitting 50 of those startups. Read the interview with Guillaume Fillière, who’s in charge of the OVH Digital Launch Pad.

Hybrid SATA/SSD configuration upgrade
Hybrid configurations for the Enterprise and Hosting ranges are increasing from 2x300GB to 2x480GB. For the same price, you can now have access to all 2x480 GB SSD and 2x2TB SATA configurations.