hubiC has emerged as a global player of online storage

Having attracted more than 400,000 users in less than 3 years of existence, is a feat achieved by hubiC, an online storage solution, “made in”. Widely known in Europe it continues to experience international growth. Its ambition is to touch an even wider public by expanding its sales channels, into stores and with mobile operators, and to encourage, with its API, hubiC integration into popular applications

hubiC will soon be available in in the form of prepaid card in the aisles of 130 super markets in France

The integration of hubiC in third party applications accelerates

Vincent Cassé, hubiC developer, explains with much enthusiasm, “The community of developers is beginning to offer their own applications, thanks to the hubiC API.” An example of this is the creation of a module that interfaces hubiC with the email client Thunderbird. Similarly, the repeated requests from Synology users paid off. The Korean firm announced on September 16, in Paris, the native integration of hubiC into Disk Station Manager version 5.1*, an application that permits the management of their NAS products. Personal and professional users of their storage devices will be able to synchronize content with hubiC. “Expandrive, a service that permits mounting an online storage space as a network drive, has recently become compatible with hubiC. This means that hubiC is beginning to be considered a serious player in the market, holding the same title as its American competitors,” says Vincent.

Vincent Cassé, hubiC developer

New backup and archiving features for computers and smartphones

Alongside the work of the community of developers, Hubic applications continue to be enriched by the internal teams. In April, witness the arrival of the "smartphone backup" option for mobile ** applications, which can save all or part of the contents of a phone or tablet - contacts, calendars, reminders, photos and video - in order to restore data to a new device, regardless of operating system. "To my knowledge, we are the only ones allowing easy migration of data from iPone to Android and vice versa," says Adelaide Moulière, hubiC Product Manager. “Furthermore, the implementation of Hubic 'office' will be offered in 2 to 3 weeks, a feature to archive any folder on your computer, simply right click, without having to sync with Hubic,” Adelaide goes on to explain, “Synchronization is convenient, but it requires having a storage space as large locally as online. Some users wanted to use hubic to free up space on their hard drives.”

Prepaid cards in multimedia aisles.

hubiC solves two problems: data backup (files are protected from hardware loss or failure) and mobility (data access from any connected device) thus targets a large audience. “An audience that still purchases physical hardware such as hard drives, usb flash drives, and other removable storage devices, in stores and is not yet aware of the concept of online storage,” explains Adélaïde, hubiC product manager, “Often, hubiC is a solution that better meets their needs while costing less. From here the idea materialized in the form of prepaid cards of 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB. These will be available on October 1, in the aisles that stock hard drives and photos in 130 Auchan supermarkets. This approach will participate in making Cloud storage available to everyone.”

Adélaïde Moulière, hubic Product Manager

Mobile operators show interest

“Negotiations are underway with mobile operators,” reveals Adélaïde, “They are interested in offering hubiC in their subscription plans. Today, the three principal operators have integrated their own hosted online storage solutions into their offers. Alternative (MVNO) operators are attracted to hubiC, a solution that is more than reasonably priced. This permits them to offer high-end complementary services, building customer loyalty.”

Always attractive prices for large amounts of storage space

In spite of repeated drops in price, by the principal market players, hubiC remains the most interesting solution from a financial point of view. Since February, users can choose: 100GB for 1 € / month or 10 TB for 10 € / month. This brings the price of one gigabyte of storage to 0.012 € / month. Incidentally, the two new offers are non committal and have adopted a monthly payment scheme. The introductory offer (25 GB free) is about to be continued. “The amount of data that each person generates has exploded in the past years,” explains Adélaïde. Photos, videos, music, documents in digital format... the number of files that we produce and save will increase 30 fold by 2020, a recent study by IDC predicts. “hubiC, ahead this trend, offers very large storage space. Thus, users are not forced to choose which documents they want to store in the Cloud,” adds Adélaïde.

* Release of the beta announced for September 23.
** Feature available soon on Windows Phone 8.

In France, protective legislation for privacy

hubiC offers the maximum guarantee in security since each uploaded file is replicated in three remote data centers, all located in France (Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg). “Hosting in France where the legislation is one of the most protective of privacy, is a great asset,” Adélaïde points out, “The revelations about the practices of large-scale espionage in certain countries has convinced even the most skeptical that the risk of hosting data outside the borders of Europe is more than theoretical.”