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With three offices in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto as well as a data centre in Beauharnois, OVH Canada offers a full range of cloud solutions.

An eco-friendly data centre with a capacity of 360,000 servers

Located south of Montreal, OVH's first Canadian data centre is one of the largest in the world. It is also one of the most eco-friendly data centres, as can be seen from its energy efficiency record (PUE of 1.09). Its connection to the neighbouring hydroelectric plant guarantees a supply of green energy. By combining water-cooling technology for servers with optimized air flow inside the buildings, OVH is minimizing its impact on the environment.

Our Cloud Solutions

Dedicated servers

Our series include a wide choice of configurations to match the specific requirements of your application, and deliver the best performance. Host your activity in Canada for a dedicated server with the best quality-price ratio.

From $107.99/month


A virtual private server (VPS) is the most accessible, affordable and readily available solution for hosting light-weight websites or applications. Explore our new VPS range, hosted in our Beauharnois data centre.

From $4.49/month

Hosted Private Cloud

OVH Private Cloud is a unique solution on the market, as it offers the scalability of cloud on a hardware infrastructure that is 100% dedicated. It can be virtualized using VMware technology, fully managed by OVH. You can now host your data and applications on the servers in our Beauharnois data centre.

Public Cloud

OVH Public Cloud was built with three priorities in mind: performance, security and reliability. It allows you to build an entire infrastructure (servers, storage and network) adapted to your needs, and is perfect for your e-commerce websites or applications with varying levels of traffic. Get your Public Cloud instance hosted in Canada, and make the most of our powerful technology!

From $36.49/month

Powered by Intel®

Innovation is at the heart of the partnership between OVH and Intel® so that we can always bring you high performance services using cutting-edge technologies. New generations of Intel® Xeon® processors as well as SSD and NVMe disks are among the resources our cloud solutions are based on. We also use FPGA technology in our Anti-DDoS system to ensure maximum efficiency.

Why choose OVH Canada?

Local experts are available to provide assistance during your projects. OVH offers global support.
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All OVH services come with an Anti-DDoS solution. A protection specifically geared towards gaming is also available on our game servers.
Discover the OVH Anti-DDoS

From Linux to Windows to Plesk to VMware, OVH offers more than 90 turnkey distributions, with the exception of software publisher licences.

OVH solutions rely on the best CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD manufacturers to offer state-of-the-art servers.

Our API brings together all management and service features available in command line.

With its own fibre optic network running across the globe, OVH provides an optimal connection to the Internet around the world.

Our global network

With a presence spanning 5 continents, OVH provides innovative and secure digital infrastructures suited for professionals. Over one million customers in 138 countries already depend on our solutions, from startups to small and medium businesses to large companies.


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Three levels of Cloud : hybrid, private and public


Datacentres on 4 continents


Global network capacity

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