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OVH is coming to Australia to help you develop or start your business in this high-growth market! Take advantage of low latency and all the resources you need where you need them!

What makes OVH stand out on the Australian market?

  • Super fast delivery: Thanks to our automated processes, your dedicated server can be installed in just 120 seconds!
  • Cutting-edge equipment: OVH’s unique partnership with Intel® means our servers are equipped with the latest technology, to guarantee the best performance. From Intel® Xeon processors to a choice of SATA, SSD and NVMe disks. NVMe.
  • A unique network technology: vRack (virtual rack) allows you to connect, isolate or distribute your cloud services through one or several secure private networks. Your servers can communicate together privately and securely(VLAN).
  • Great value for your money: Our powerful anti-DDoS technology is included as a standard in the price of your server. We also include a traffic quota of up to 10 TB at no extra cost, and we do not charge any setup fees. What other services are included?

The Sydney data centre cloud solutions

Extended range

Dedicated servers

Our series of dedicated servers include a wide range of configurations that will guarantee the best performance for your applications and databases. Looking for a dedicated server hosted in Australia at a really competitive price? You just found it!

From $71.99/month
New Region

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud solution allows you to manage a full, scalable infrastructure (server, storage and network). It is the ideal solution for e-commerce websites or applications with variable loads.

Simple and predictible pricing

Hosted Private Cloud

With the OVH Private Cloud, you get the highest level of guarantee and OVH certification, while enjoying a flexible and automated cloud.

New Region


A virtual private server (VPS) is the most accessible and affordable solution for hosting light-weight websites or applications on a scalable, quickly available server. Now also available in Sydney and Singapore.

From $4.49/month

Why choose OVH in Australia?

Local experts are available to provide assistance during your projects. OVH offers global support.
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All OVH services come with an Anti-DDoS solution. A protection specifically geared towards gaming is also available on our game servers.
Discover the OVH Anti-DDoS

From Linux to Windows to Plesk to VMware, OVH offers more than 90 turnkey distributions, with the exception of software publisher licences.

OVH solutions rely on the best CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD manufacturers to offer state-of-the-art servers.

Our API brings together all management and service features available in command line.

With its own fibre optic network running across the globe, OVH provides an optimal connection to the Internet around the world.

Call us at 1-855-684-5463

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