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Our data centre roadmap

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Security and performance, the OVH advantages

OVH's unique features ensure both high availability and maximum security.

The OVH global network


Each data centre is connected to OVH's own global network, which guarantees optimal latency and security.

Designed and managed internally, the OVH backbone boasts the latest technologies available on the market and its capacity is continuously increasing.


The OVH global network is fully redundant and offers 32 points of presence worldwide, delivering guaranteed bandwidth wherever you are.

Powerful anti-DDos protection included

All of OVH's services come with powerful anti-DDoS by default. Four 160 Gpbs anti-DDoS infrastructures have been set up across OVH data centres. OVH is thus able to mitigate up to 640 Gbps, 24/7.

vRack, connect your global solutions across a secure private network!

Connect and isolate your OVH services inside private and secure networks. The vRack allows you to build complex private infrastructures on a global multi-datacentre scale.

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