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OVH has designed its "Discover OVH" exclusive offers based on geographical regions.
Take advantage of our limited-quantity offers to discover and test new datacenters.

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In order to meet your expansion goals, OVH is constantly strengthening its international presence by opening new datacentres.
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OVH on an international scale

OVH is expanding internationally and opening new datacentres in new geographical zones.
These new datacentres will give you resources where you need them. You will be able to place your servers closer to where you do business or enter new, emerging markets, optimising your security and latency.

Exclusive introductory offers

To allow you to test its new services worldwide, the OVH team has created special product offerings which are particularly attractive to local markets. Have a look at our different services, available in very limited quantities in our new datacentres.

Our new world locations


North America

  • USA (coming soon)


Security and performance, the OVH advantages

OVH's unique features ensure both high availability and maximum security.

The OVH global network


Each datacentre is connected to OVH's own global network, which guarantees optimal latency and security.

Designed and managed internally, the OVH backbone boasts the latests technologies available on the market and its capacity is continuously increasing.


The OVH global network is fully redundant and offers 32 points of presence worldwide, delivering guaranteed bandwidth wherever you are.

Powerful anti-DDos protection included

All OVH services include anti-DDOs protection, which is a unique advantage on the market. OVH has implemented four, 160 Gbps anti-DDoS infrastructures, in its datacentres. Consequently, OVH is able to mitigate up to 640 Gbps, 24/7.

vRack, global connections

Connect and isolate your OVH services inside private and secure networks. The vRack allows you to build complex private infrastructures on a global multi-datacentre scale.

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