SQL Server 2012 licenses

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 is the latest database management system (DBMS) from Microsoft for Windows.

This version meets professional expectations in terms of high availability, performance and security. You will now be able to deploy your infrastructure locally or in a cloud environment.

SQL Server 2012 Web and Standard editions are available at OVH

Web edition: best cost and scalability for your websites and internet applications

This edition has been specially designed for the needs of web developers.

With SQL Server 2012 Web Edition :

  • you increase your productivity thanks to the automation and administration tools
  • make your developments easier thanks to the integration with .NET and support for PHP and ASP applications...

Standard Edition: speed, flexibility and security for your critical applications

More powerful and complete than the Web edition, SQL 2012 Standard Edition has more features like clustering with switchover, BI-oriented multi-dimensional modeling and SQL design tools.

SQL Server 2012 licenses

You can purchase an SQL Server 2012 license, when ordering a new dedicated server.
This service will be available soon in your Control Panel and also for your existing servers *.

OVH allows you to use your own SQL SPLA license or choose from Standard or Web editions tailored to your operating system:

SQL Server 2012 Web Edition
32/64 bits
SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition
32/64 bits
Compatible OS Windows 2008, 2008R2 and 2012
RAM limit 64GB / 4GB(RS) 64GB
Pricing per CPU See the table below


SQL Server 2012 Web Edition
32/64 bits
SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition
32/64 bits
4 Cores$32.00/month
6 Cores$48.00/month
8 Cores$64.00/month
12 Cores$90.00/month
$1 290.00/month
16 Cores$128.00/month
$1 720.00/month

More info

View the comparison between different SQL Server 2012 editions: Click here

*: subject to the reinstallation of your operating system