Running a post-installation script

Automate your server configuration

Automatically configure your operating system

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When you order a dedicated server at, you choose which installation to install. Once the server is delivered, you can proceed with its configuration: for example installing software installation, configuring files or adding services. Through post-installation scripts, you can make this configuration automated and fast.

What is the destination of the post-installation script?

The post-installation script is particularly suitable for business customers with multiple dedicated servers, and who often need to reproduce the same settings on their hosts: this can be a long and repetitive operation. Automating the process through post-installation script saves a lot of time and greatly facilitates the task. Once the script is established, you just need to add it at each new server installation.

How does this work?

When installing the OS on the server, just tick "Expert mode" in the Manager. Then, just add a URL pointing to your script: it can be added on At the end of installing the OS, the script will run automatically.