Odin® Plesk Panel licences

Odin® Plesk Panel

Odin® Plesk Panel

The famous Odin® Plesk management interface is available on your OVH dedicated server. You can add it to the distribution of your choice (Windows, Linux, Free BSD).

What is this?

Odin® Plesk Panel is a graphical management interface known for its simplicity. It enables you to manage your emails, domains, databases and websites

Further information about PLESK: http://www.odin.com/products/plesk/
Demonstration interfaces: http://www.odin.com/products/plesk/hands-on-demos/

Get an Odin® Plesk Panel licence

For simplicity, we recommend using one of our ready to use distributions with Odin® Plesk Panel preinstalled :

However, you can install Odin® Plesk Panel on the distribution of your choice. To order an Odin® Plesk Panel license or add options, log in to your Manager, or sign up directly for your server.

Plesk 12: Service details

Service Web Pro Web Host
Service management Interface customisation yes yes
Subscription management yes yes
Customer account management yes yes
Reseller management - yes
Development tools WordPress Toolkit yes yes
Developer Pack yes yes
Plesk mobile manager yes yes
Security Security core yes yes
Outbound anti-spam yes yes
SpamAssasin yes yes
Limits Domain limit 30 Unlimited


Language Pack unit$2.79/month

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Additional options

Options Price
Language Pack
Power pack:
A Plesk add-on includes: the Pack application, SpamAssassin, Tomcat, ColdFusion, PostgreSQL

Dr Web Antivirus
Protect your emails against viruses $348.60/year

*For the pre-2014 KS servers $9.79/month
** : Odin Hosting Suite (Plesk Panel Unlimited Domains, SiteBuilder 100 Sites, Plesk Billing 1000 Accounts)