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Advanced features to host your TeamSpeak and Mumble servers

The OVH Game server range comes with 250 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth. Along with performances tailored for gaming platforms, these features are a guarantee of quality when it comes to hosting your cluster of TeamSpeak and Mumble servers.

You can deploy a reliable and powerful shared voice server infrastructure, thereby ensuring quality services for your players.

Complete control over your voice server infrastructure

Giving you full access to your machine, your Game server is entirely customizable and allows you to manage all components of your infrastructure. This gives you the freedom to deploy your own platform of voice server hosting: create your Mumble and TeamSpeak servers, manage their resources and adapt your services based on your community’s needs.

You get complete control over all components of your voice server platform.

Your TeamSpeak and Mumble servers protected by Anti-DDoS for Games

The OVH Game servers come with Anti-DDoS for Games, a protection specifically designed for online gaming and voice servers. Whereas regular basic protections only filter traffic, Anti-DDoS for Games takes into account the connection protocols used by gaming applications to provide optimal protection.

Coupled with the OVH network’s total capacity of 11 Tbps, this protection will help you tackle attacks without any disruption for your Mumble and TeamSpeak users. As a matter of fact, while the few seconds necessary to trigger a regular anti-DDoS protection can have a minor impact on a dedicated server, they can considerably downgrade speech quality. This is why the Anti-DDoS protection combined with the full capacity of the OVH network gives you the best protection for hosting TeamSpeak and Mumble servers.

Why choose OVH servers

  • Intel i7 and Xeon processors
  • Up to 256 GB of RAM
  • Ultra-fast SSD storage
  • Anti-DDoS Game exclusive to OVH