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SolusVM is a web interface to manage VMs and several different servers (slave) and support different virtualisation technologies (OpenVZ, Xen and KVM). It includes user management, which allows you to delegate tasks in VM, to its clients for instance.

Based on CentOS 6.2 in 64bit, SolusVM is available in two modes:

- "Master" has a web panel to manage OpenVZ, Xen and Linux KVM virtualisation hosts. On the "Master" host you can also run OpenVZ virtual machines.

- "Slave" has no web interface, hosts are only managed by their "Master" interface. We recommend the OpenVZ distribution.

SolusVM is delivered with no license. You can request a free evaluation of 15 days or order a license on their official website:

For further information about SolusVM and its functions:


Web Hosting

40% compatible40% compatible

Email Hosting

40% compatible40% compatible


Easy to use

60% compatible60% compatible60% compatible



SolusVM Master Node (CentOS 6 64bit)

OpenVZ Slave Node (CentOS 6 64bit)


2.6.32 (Built-In)

2.6.32 (Built-In)



Technical details

Access to a server Email service
FTP ( port : 21 ) - POP3 (Port 110) -
SSH (Port 22) yes IMAP (Port 143) -
TSE (Port 3389) - SMTP (Port 25) -
Web services Programmation
Web (Port 80) - My SQL -
Named (Port 53) - PHP -
Control panel SolusVM