360,000 servers in Canada

This is the theoretical total capacity of BHS, the first OVH datacenter deployed in North America, that utilizes a liquid cooling system to cool its servers. The system captures 70% of the heat and the remaining 30% is removed by a simple ventilation, using outside air. Our data centers are more than simple server racks but are a modular design. Like building blocks, this gives us agility to deploy datacenters rapidly, keeping up with customer demand. With 260,000 active servers worldwide, this strategy has proved its worth.

OVH’s innovations go beyond datacenter design. In Canada, we have deployed OVH technology, a process already proven in Europe: from the production of servers to commercial and technical teams. We have completely reinvented the hosting market, from building datacenters, watercooling systems to server maintenance. As we do in Europe, we are building our own network across America. It has now reached 2,76 Tbps in America and 10 Tbps worldwide.

Dedicated servers in Canada: what are the benefits?

Need replication and transcontinental backups?

The presence of servers in Canada allows you to outsource your data and synchronize with other OVH datacenter. This gives you the possibility to protect your critical data, and to ensure continuity of service. The ping times of RBX (Roubaix, France) / BHS (Quebec, Canada) is 40ms.

What about sensitive data?

Servers are hosted in Beauharnois, only a few kilometers from Montreal. They are therefore not subject to U.S. laws and government agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA ...). OVH’s French datacenters and Canadian datacentres have active Anti-DDoS mitigation infrastructure. It allows the data center to protect your data from attacks 24/7 guaranteeing your projects stay online.

Do you have customers in North America?

Bring servers closer to your users minimizing latency. Local hosting has the advantage of providing search engines a geographical indication for your targeted market.