Clusters created to enable a large flow of data to be processed. All data processing compatible with BI. Optimized and accelerated decision-making.

Advantages of OVH Big Data:

  • Clusters created to enable a large flow of data to be processed
  • All data processing compatible with BI
  • Optimized and accelerated decision-making.

Ever-increasing and ever-varied customer data

Decision-makers must take decisions quickly, regardless of the ever-increasing quantity of data involved in the process. Markets are expanding, often across several countries, and products have different options, which may or may not be adapted to each market.

This data can be saved in a big data cluster. These clusters are perfectly adapted for voluminous data storage, and are indispensable to decision-makers in setting up business intelligence systems.

Facilitate reporting

Once the data has been stored on the big data cluster, control indicators can then be defined and delivered.

These indicators can visualized in real time, so that decision-makers can adapt their policies and strategies according to the data fluctuations.

Speed up the decision-making process

Thanks to the reporting feature, decision-making is optimized: sales forecasts for each purchasing and manufacturing zone, evolving manufacturing capacity, etc. Big data can also be used to set up change management.