Dedicated Servers

Guaranteed high performance for your applications

Recommended servers

Intel  Xeon D-1520
4c/8t - 2.2GHz /2.7GHz
32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
SoftRaid  2x2TB 
250 Mbps  bandwidth
vRack: 10 Mbps
Intel  Xeon E3-1270v6
4c/8t - 3.8GHz /4.2GHz
32GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
SoftRaid  2x2TB 
500 Mbps  bandwidth
vRack: 10 Mbps
Intel  Xeon E3-1230v6
4c/8t - 3.5GHz /3.9GHz
16GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
SoftRaid  2x4TB 
500 Mbps  bandwidth
vRack: 1 Gbps
Intel  2x Xeon Gold 6140
36c/72t - 2.3GHz /3.7GHz
384 GB DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz - (2x12x16GB)
SoftRaid  2x4TB  SAS - Up to 36 disks
500 Mbps  bandwidth
vRack: 10 Gbps
$1 310.99

Our server series

Hosting servers

Accessible, multipurpose servers to host various websites, including e-commerce.

Xeon-D processors with up to 8 cores.


Infrastructure servers

A vRack private network is included along with powerful processors for building n-tier infrastructures.

Between 16 GB and 512 GB of RAM.


Enterprise servers

Servers for hosting your web applications or consolidating your virtual environments.

4 to 28 core processors per server.


Storage servers

Servers for archiving, backup, or distributed storage.

vRack private network, up to 216 TB of disk space.


GPU servers

GPU cards speed up computing and graphics processing.

Up to 4 GPUs per server.

$1 649.99

Game servers

The Anti-DDoS Game protection is included to securely host your online games.

Up to 5 GHz in Turbo mode


Premium Customizable HG servers

The most powerful and fully customizable configurations, specifically designed for critical or resource-intensive environments.

Up to 36 cores per CPU and 1 TB of RAM.


Why OVH Dedicated Servers?


Thanks to its partnerships with key hardware and network equipment manufacturers, OVH has access to the latest technology and can therefore deliver unparalleled performance!

Anti-DDoS protection

All our OVH dedicated servers are protected by a powerful anti-DDos that absorbs attacks and ensures that your services are always available.

Unlimited traffic

Thanks to its global 11 Tbps capacity, OVH is able to provide a guaranteed bandwidth, and burst service for dealing with load peaks. There is no upload or download limit.

120 second delivery

We have optimized our internal processes to achieve record delivery times. Our most popular servers could be assigned in as little as 120 seconds!

Included with your dedicated server

Additional IPs

With every OVH dedicated server, you have the option of purchasing up to 256 Failover IPs for just a small $3.00 will be charged. IPs and IP blocks cannot be switched to a data centre located in a country other than the country of origin. However, OVH is offering you the possbility to geolocalize your IPs.


Each OVH server has a guaranteed bandwidth of 250 Mbps or 500 Mbps. You can absorb isolated traffic peaks using a burst of up to 1 or 3 Gbps. You can always order additional bandwidth if you need more capacity.

Anti-DDoS protection

All our OVH dedicated servers are fitted with a powerful anti-DDoS protection that ensures maximum infrastructure security.

FTP backup copy

Every OVH server has 500 GB of disk space where you can store your data and configuration files. This storage can be extended to 1, 5 or 10 TB to suit your needs.

Operating systems

Over 90 operating systems and licences are available and can be installed automatically through the OVH Manager. Among them are hosting classics such as Plesk and Cpanel, but also database distributions like Microsoft SQL Server 2016.