Dedicated Cloud

Use vCenter + vSphere as a service to build your Cloud

Your Dedicated Cloud infrastructure

A Dedicated Cloud pack has a minimum of 2 AMD hosts, 2 datastores, and 2,000 VxLANs to deploy your private networks.
Create unlimited VMs inside the VMware® vSphere hypervisor.
You can resize your infrastructure at any time by adding or deleting resources.

vSphere + Hosts

vSphere + Enterprise Plus license included to create and manage unlimited VMs on 100% dedicated hosts

NFS Datastores

SSD-Accelerated or Full SSD datastores configured in RAID

On-demand, automatic, all included

  • On-demand resources
  • Hourly or monthly billing
  • Your additional resources delivered in 5 min.
  • Automated deployment
  • Customer support 24/7/365
  • Mono or Multi Datacentre
  • Enterprise Plus license included
  • Guaranteed 1.5 Gbps bandwidth
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 2,000 pre-configured VxLANs
  • Hardware fully managed by OVH
  • Secured web access to your vSphere
International certifications

New configurations

Pack M

2 x M Host:
2 x AMD Opteron 4386
8 cores/8 threads
3.1 GHz
2 x 32 GB RAM

2 x 1.2 TB NFS Datastore
vCenter + vSphere
Enterprise Plus license included

Pack M / NSX

2 x M Host:
2 x AMD Opteron 4386
8 cores/8 threads
3.1 GHz
2 x 32 GB RAM

2 x 1.2 TB NFS Datastore
vCenter + vSphere
Enterprise Plus license included
+ Software Defined Network (NSX)

L+ Pack / 3.6 TB / vROps

2 x L+ Host:
2 x Bi AMD Opteron 4386
16 cores/16 threads
3.1 GHz
2 x 128 GB RAM

2 x 1.2 TB NFS Datastore
1 x SSD Accelerated 1,2 TB NFS Datastore
vCenter + vSphere
Enterprise Plus license included
+ vRealize Operations
$1 839.6

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Choose your starter pack

You can order your pack and all its possible additional resources in the datacenter of your choice. OVH then provides your fully dedicated servers (hosts) and disk racks (datastores), automatically configured in High Availability inside the VMware environment. It's up to you to activate NSX (optional if not part of the pack) during the initial order or after delivery.


Create your VMs in vSphere

30 minutes* later, you will receive your Login and Password to access the vSphere interface and create your VMs to manage your cloud. Take advantage of NSX (SDN) to quickly deploy your security policy and components such as firewall, load balancer, etc.. in a few minutes, directly inside vSphere!


Add additional resources

Depending on your needs, you can resize your infrastructure with:
- Additional resources (host, datastores)
- Additional options: NSX, vROps, Veeam Backup, IP,..)


* Average delivery time

Do you need to integrate a Firewall, a Load Balancer, an SSL VPN .. and other security services to your platform?
How healthy is your infrastructure?
Need to manage your QoS?
Services included


Anti-DDoS protection


Security & SLA

OVH Academy


Images & Licenses

Veeam Backup

IP Addresses


Dedicated Connect

(1) Based on packs. Also available as an option.

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