High availability and collaborative applications on 2 dedicated servers

Mr. Edouard G, CIO of an industrial maintenance company, wishes to provide the company’s mobile users with secure VPN access to consult intervention schedules, access files, and review technical manuals in addition to providing the ability to work together in a collaborative work space.

Key information

  • 3 Applications (Extranet, CMMS, groupware)
  • 1 VPN IPsec service
  • 12 simultaneous mobile users
  • National Access


  • Redundancy on 2 dedicated servers to guarantee high availability
  • Master/Slave model with simplified transfer
  • Server synchronization via private network
  • Monitoring to activate Master > Slave transfer
  • Secure access (VPN service)

Solution deployed at OVH

Remote teams access the company’s main server using their mobile terminals via VPN IPSEC. Each of the services (extranet, file server, CMSS) has its own IP failover which can be moved from the master to the slave in the event of server failure.

Upon failure of the master server, the monitoring VPS uses the OVH API to trigger the movement of IP failovers from master to slave, where applications are also installed and the master’s data is regularly synchronized over the private network. The VPS is also used to start/restart standby services on the second server.


"We chose a powerful dedicated server
in terms of CPU and RAM"

"My project was simple yet demanding - I wanted to be more dynamic in managing my remote workers and to provide them with greater comfort and secure access on their mobile terminals.

Availability was critical, the solution had to guarantee constant availability during working hours, and continuity of service.

We opted for 2 dedicated servers from the Infrastructure range, powerful in terms of CPU/RAM and comprised of a private network for synchronization. Having a large amount of memory, permits scalability if other applications are deployed.

Today, my teams have access to their workspace, files and our CMMS from anywhere in the world in an environment that provides high performance, security and redundancy.”

Elements of the infrastructure

2 x Infrastructure servers
EG–64 Xeon E5

Located in 2 OVH datacenters


vRack service

Included with INFRASTRUCTURE range servers

VPS Classic 1


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