Dedicated Cloud

High availability

Peak loads

3 tier architecture

securing an infrastructure

Private network (VLAN vRack)

A high availability infrastructure, resistant to load peaks providing background music for 7000 points of sale around the world

Based in Montpellier, Paris and Shangai, RadioShop specializes in sound design. Its job consists of creating custom made playlists for outlets such as the Galeries Lafyette Paris Haussmann, Habitat retail stores, Yamaha concessionaires and Subway and Memphis Coffee restaurants. To match the "DNA" of a piece of music with that of a point of sale, then create and broadcast playlists that adapt in real-time to local weather conditions or even to the crowds of the store, Radioshop relies on the Dedicated Cloud of OVH.com

Key information

  • 7,000 points of sale worldwide
  • Up to 7,000 simultaneous requests on the infrastructure
  • 500,000 tracks in the music catalog


  • Infrastructure simple to maintain, that is secure and scalable
  • High availability
  • Withstand peaks in load
  • High bandwidth internationally

Solution deployed at OVH

RadioShop started its business with 1 dedicated server, then 2, then 3… and quickly the number of machines increased, causing a significant amount of administrative and maintenance of the servers: management of hardware failures, OS updates, attack prevention, etc. However, as Thomas Bergerot, co-founder and CTO of the company says, “Our job is not to manage servers. More precisely, as a computer scientist, my value is far greater when I am developing new services for our customers, in connection with creating in the sound environment.” This is why RadioShop was interested in OVH’s Dedicated Cloud solution, they were quick to adopt or more precisely, delegate machine management to OVH and take advantage of an easily exploitable production environment that offers guaranteed high availability. “Every evening, 7000 points of sale, situated all around the world, connect to our infrastructure to download playlists for the next day. The stores’ networks are generally less powerful and during the daytime are monopolized by electronic banking. Therefore, the time available to distribute playlists is relatively short. It is essential that our network is accessible during this short window of opportunity.”

A three-tier architecture

Administration of infrastructure security

Offsite data backup

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Elements of the infrastructure


Service included with Dedicated Cloud and Infrastructure and Storage range servers

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2 Storage range servers
Model FS-12T


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