OVH finds a new home in Montreal and scales up its ambitions for North America

With the doubling of its staff in the Montreal region, and a support program for the most promising start-ups, OVH has just opened its brand new North American head office at the heart of Montreal. Here’s a summary of the main announcements as well as some images.

On October 21, around 50 people were attending the opening of OVH’s new 17,800 square feet space located in downtown Montreal. Established in Canada since 2012, the company has seen its growth increase significantly due to the explosion of digital needs and the consecration of the IoT (Internet of Things) as a new paradigm. These new trends have shaken up the IT industry and its ever-growing number of data-consuming applications. Always searching for innovative ways to offer the best in cloud technology, OVH gets a lot of its strength from the indisputable assets it has developed to address an ever-growing demand, as reminded by Laurent Allard, CEO of the OVH Group, during the inauguration: “Our service offer meets the industry’s highest standards and caters to all types of clients, from developers and start-ups, to small and medium-sized companies, to software suppliers and even large corporations. Transversality, competitiveness and security are at the basis of our growth and success in North America.”

Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH Group

Quebec, the ideal gateway to North America
For Laurent Allard and Lionel Fumery, CEO of OVH Canada, the company’s main focus for this new open concept is clear and unequivocally stated: developing, welcoming and sharing are at the heart of this project, which already accommodates close to 100 employees dedicated to three different work spheres: technical support, sales and customer care. Moreover, several office spaces are also reserved for the support of IT start-ups, a project whose goal is to find and foster tomorrow’s talents and to eventually forge new partnerships. “We want to share our knowledge and work with people whose areas of expertise are complementary to our own” adds Laurent Allard. This program is part of a larger initiative geared towards supporting innovation and was announced during the last OVH Summit this past September. Entitled "Digital Launch Pad", it is designed with the intent to support the life cycle of an innovative project until it reaches market. The Montreal office will be in the forefront when it comes to selecting the best projects. It will also provide technical, financial and logistical advice and it can even recommend that a start-up project be physically moved into the OVH office.

This new space is set to be a place for the Montreal IT community to meet and exchange ideas through casual get-togethers, meet-ups, conferences, training sessions, and more.
With its new setup, the Montreal location becomes a perfect complement to the other two OVH business units established in the province of Quebec: Beauharnois (on Montreal’s South Shore) is host to a datacenter with a capacity of 360 000 servers and Quebec City is the home of a research and development center specialized in User Experience (UX). Moreover, close to 140 new hirings have been announced for the Greater Montreal area, which will translate into doubling the staff as a medium-term objective. In addition, 50 high-skill jobs are expected for the Quebec City region as they were announced last April for the launch of the UX center.

More than 50 people (partners, customers, journalists) attended the inauguration

Westward bound
OVH’s attempts at expanding their business in Quebec reflect the attractiveness of the province in the field of IT, particularly with Montreal which could become the 3rd large city in the world to get the “French Tech” label - after New York and Tokyo. The intent behind this designation is to grant the status of technological center of excellence to the most innovating capitals of the world and OVH has been endorsing the Greater Montreal’s application to the French government. Supported by Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre, this promotional campaign called “Bleu-Blanc-Tech” (Blue-White-Tech) was created to inject some new energy into French and Montreal business initiatives in order to accelerate their internationalization.

Now that it has a strong presence in Quebec, OVH is now focusing on expanding its business across the entire North American continent, particularly on the West Coast where a new datacenter could open as soon as 2016. This would become a highly symbolic milestone following the opening of OVH’s first American office in San Francisco last September.

This all-out expansion strategy will be OVH’s focal point for the next two years since no less than 12 new datacenters will be opening in several strategic zones around the world, in addition to the 17 already in operation and currently hosting over 220,000 servers.

Relive the event through our photo coverage

This new space has a superficie of 17 800sq ft
Séverine Boitier, PR consultant, and Jérôme Arnaud, VP Operations North America at OVH
The Montreal location becomes a perfect complement to the other two OVH business units established in the province of Quebec (Beauharnois and Quebec City)
"We want to share our knowledge and work with people whose areas of expertise are complementary to our own” -Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH