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Cloud infrastructures, dedicated hosting, domain names, e-commerce, storage and archiving and virtual servers; OVH will give you the solutions you need to develop your IT projects.

Our service offer

OVH offers a wide range of IT services to companies, and to individuals who are passionate about tech. Whether you're looking at our Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud services, web hosting plans, virtual data centres, dedicated servers or storage solutions, our services are constantly being improved with the very latest innovations, and are regularly developed with new features.
Discover our products and services

Our own worldwide network

  • 12 Tbps bandwidth capacity
  • Our fibre optics deployed globally
  • Ultra-high security network
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Optimum response time guaranteed for increased load
  • Guaranteed stability and continuous service
  • Our own backbone, designed and managed by our teams
  • Content delivery optimization
  • Reduced latency

Our international presence is partly due to our fiber optic infrastructure which we have deployed globally. Our network allows us to deliver an impeccable quality of service to our customers, wherever they may be. Content delivery is optimized and latency is reduced. This ultra-secured network with a guaranteed bandwidth is a unique feature on today’s hosting market.

Expert customer service

  • Teams trained and based in Canada
    • Technical and commercial advisors
    • Experts: specialized system administrators
  • VIP support
  • Partner program

For us, the phrase "always at your service" is a real commitment. From your first contact with our support team, you will be speaking with advanced users who know our products inside out. Whether we are helping you choose the right solution to create your website or providing technical expertise, we are with you all the way.

Optimizing your costs

  • Economies of scale that benefit our customers
    • Data centre construction and maintenance
    • Server design and manufacturing
    • Our own global network
  • Competitive and clear pricing
    • Prices clearly displayed on our website
    • No hidden costs or false promises

Most of our competitors only manage the web hosting service itself. Servers are manufactured externally, datacentres are leased from third parties, and so is the network, supplied as a turnkey solution from subcontractors. As a result of this, the prices you pay for your services are hard to guarantee and maintain at a competitive level. At OVH, our cost structure has been maximally rationalised.

High-volume server production

  • Secure and high-availability hosting on an industrial level
  • Scalability for your server cluster, guaranteed in just a few clicks
  • Redundancy ensured for every server, storage space and network path
  • Location and traceability of your data guaranteed
  • Compliance with local laws for the country your servers are hosted in

We are in charge of the whole process of Internet hosting, from the assembly of our own servers, to the production and the maintenance of our data centers. We can therefore guarantee high quality services and hosting solutions that are both flexible and reliable, at competitive prices.

Constant innovation

  • Design and development of exclusive cooling systems
    • 70% of heat emitted by the processors dispersed
  • Total elimination of air conditioning
    • The remaining 30% evacuated by a ventilation system
  • Energy costs cut in half
  • Constantly reducing energy consumption for our datacentres
    • A PUE lower than 1.2
    • Energy consumption two times lower than the industry average
*Meaning that you need less than 120 watts to run a server that consumes 100 watts.

We apply strict measures to lower our environmental impact. Back in 2003, we created an exclusive cooling system for our servers. Over time, we kept improving our cooling and ventilation techniques, so that we could stop using air conditioning units completely. Since 2011, 98% of our hosting chambers in Europe and North America do not have air conditioning systems.

Proven independence

  • Autonomous development
    • A family business
    • Financially independent
    • Self-investment
  • Continuous innovation
    • Constant R&D
    • Constant performance optimization

As a family-owned business, we are financially independent, and have chosen to reinvest all of our profits in developing our company. We develop at a fast pace, while still offering lower prices than our competitors. By maintaining our core family values and principles, we stand out for running our business at full capacity, and constantly driving to adapt ourselves so that we better suit our customers' needs.

Transparency with our customers

  • Online service status updates in real time
    • Data centre monitoring
    • Network status chart
    • Public incident declaration

In a continually evolving field, reactivity and questioning are key words. We are always at the cutting edge of technological innovation, and constantly facing new challenges presented to us by our customers, who we maintain a close relationship with. We use the valued feedback we receive from our users to develop products and services that meet their needs.